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Demonte Colony

Demonte Colony

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Demonte Colony is a 2015 Tamil horror film directed by Ajay Gnanamuthu, a former assistant of AR Murgadoss. The film featured Arulnithi in the lead role.


“Genuinely horrifying and skips the stereotypes!”

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Rated 3.5 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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In Kollywood, a perfect horror film is a rarity. Because the only genre that works here is comedy. So there is romantic comedy, horror comedy, thriller comedy, and comedy comedy. But there are a few directors who stick to their vision and Demonte colony is one such film. Its a perfect horror film with some situational comedy and thrills, which looked natural and unforced. It was a pleasure to see a horror film in Tamil, which broke quite a few cliches.

There is this girl, who gets killed and she becomes a ghost. After 100 years being locked inside a grave, she gets out and takes possession of a glamorous heroine. Now, this heroine will take revenge on the culprits. Sounds so cliche right? So that's NOT what Demonte Colony is all about.

Demonte colony is about 4 friends who get drunk and after shaking their legs for a tasmac song, decide to go to a haunted house in Demonte colony. It is believed that whoever goes to that house will get killed by Demonte, the ghost. What happens to them is the rest of the story. Will they survive? Watch it to know more.

I loved the screenplay in the 2nd half. Its gripping and there are a few Goosebumps moments. There were no forced humour or the ghost bullying the people. The ghost wants to kills them and it sticks to it. However, the 1st half is a bit slow. Character introductions, tasmac song etc. The pre interval scenes neatly sets up the film and the 2nd half does not waste even a second. I was unconvinced with the ending and it looked rushed. Otherwise, the thrills and chills were genuine and neatly staged.

Majority of the film happens in a small room and cinematography was top quality. The camera angles were very innovative and took the fear factor to a very new level. The frames were backed up by some eerie background score. These two elements were the backbone of Demonte colony. Editing was tight and runtime of less than 2 hours is perfect for a horror thriller.

Performances were good and were able to connect with the audience and create the sense of fear. Arulnithi looked fit and confident. Ramesh Thilak was brilliant with his expressions in both comedy and serious scenes. He gives that occasional humor break. The actor, who looked a remote cousin of Sarath Babu, who played Demonte was good. Thank god they picked a foreign actor who performed convincingly. There is no heroine and no skin show.

Demonte colony is a genuine attempt to provide a perfect horror film, breaking quite few cliches and following an uncommercial formula. It was good to see a debut director who believes in himself and his script and not succumb to commercial pressure. A good script, decent performances and abundant scary moments, makes demonte colony a must watch for horror film lovers.