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Demonte Colony

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Demonte Colony is a 2015 Tamil horror film directed by Ajay Gnanamuthu, a former assistant of AR Murgadoss. The film featured Arulnithi in the lead role.


“Genuinely horrifying and skips the stereotypes!”

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Not bad, coul've been better!

Rated 3.0 / 5

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Based on a real-life colony in Chennai, De Monte Colony by debutant director Gnanamuthu, a formal associate of Murugadoss starts with taking digs at the movie industry, almost like the director seeing himself in one of the characters, an aspiring filmmaker. Another offers company to a woman in return for money, funnily of a non-carnal nature. There is an electrician who hardly is up to any good and a graphic designer. The four friends pick a drunken adventure - entering the haunted realms of the De Monte Colony. If you were expecting that part to be a thrilling ride, you will be disappointed because they just walk balk to their houses in style, apparently having survived and live to tell the tale. Except, one of them has brought back something that he shouldn't have. With it, they now have to deal with evil spirit's ire.

A harassing tale of a Portuguese whose wife cheated on him that surrounds the colony's back tale now comes back alive as each of the friends face mysterious circumstances, feeling threatened by an evil spirit that is out for vengeance for stealing from its house. There are good spirits too trying to help them or so it seems. De Monte Colony doesn't exactly end like the classic horror tale that has one bad ghost that kills everyone. Suffice to say, the director did put in some effort to create a true-blue horror movie, undulterated by the commercial horror comedy successes that have hardly anything to do with spine-chilling horror. This one though, lacks in sophistication. Yes, the camera work with half the movie shot behind closed doors is haunting. But beyond certain eerie lighting, the movie angles hardly scare you. Neither does the spirit, especially if you digest movies like Conjuring and It Follows for fun. The background score, instead of adding to the chills, takes away from it, distracting you from the fear that should grip you, sometimes even annoying but it is inexperience showing. Sometimes, fear in horror movies, comes from anticipation, like Hitchcock once pointed out. De Monte Colony is not amazing but it is well-intentioned that is sometimes good enough.

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