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Dharma Durai is a tamil film directed by Seenu Ramasamy. The film features Vijay Sethupathi and Tamannaah in the lead roles, with Aishwarya Rajesh and Srushti Dange in supporting roles.

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Dharmadurai is a soothing rural drama with ample doses of hard hitting emotions

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Rated 3.5 / 5
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First things first, Seenu Ramasamy is one director who's used to picture the drama prevalent in any families or relationships with utmost ease and elegance. His movies always rides on the thin line of difference between drama and melodrama. That's exactly the reason why his movies are considered to be emotionally and sentimentally adhesive. So eventually you can't be expecting a screen play that travels in breakneck speed. His screenplay moves at a leisurely pace along the pace of that of his charafters, thereby weaving and adsorbing the emotional bonding of all his characters, that enables the viewers to connect with the proceedings.

This exactly is what the kind of movie Dharmadurai is. A beautiful, palatable and aesthetically flawless rural drama that rides on the shoulders of Vijay Sethupathy and the man does it pretty easily, to no surprise. He just cakewalks through the role given. What an actor he's turning out to be. He has got a pair of eyes that speaks out bundles of dialogues and doses of emotions all by itself. Such a wonderful actor he has turned out to be. Delightful watch.

Rest of the cast includes a right mix of experience and originality, with Radhika, Aishwarya Rajesh, Tamannah and Kanja Karuppu scoring full brownie points. Technically too the movie was rich thanks to some splendid cinematography and more than that lovely musical score by Yuvan Shankar Raja. How long it's been since we had him at his best like this! Musical score that not jus corresponds to the mood of the scene, but also elevates the very scene to the next level _/_ Welcome back, champ!

"Dharmadurai" is the story of a doctor of the same name who's life is in shambles due to several personal reasons. He becomes a drunkard and flees from his family to make a living. There are so many episodes that impressed me. In particular, the graceful love track between Vijay Sethupathy and Aishwarya Rajesh that largely has a rural backdrop which also emphasizes on the consequences of dowry pressure in villages., and the matured love track between Vijay Sethupathy and Tamannah that has an urban touch, emphasizing on the need and importance of medical service in villages., was just top notch. So did the emphatic and awe inspiring characterization of professor Kamaraj. Enacted to perfection.

Of course the movie did wrong on many levels. Yes the directors intentions were clear. He wanted to make viewers feel for the shambolic life of Dharmadurai. But I felt the director took an even more slower approach than actually needed to emphasize on the points he actually wanted to. A slightly quicker approach would've made no difference either. This lazy approach didn't have any impact in the first half but second half look largely flawed especially the last 20 minutes. The movie travelled towards a happy-go-lucky ending which was imminent. But still the going looked sluggish and especially the epilogue looked like a complete misfit mainly because of the above mentioned mistake. And also the Shrusti Dange's character which was strong enough, wasn't enacted that well to be honest.

Barring these flaws, Dharmadurai deserves a watch and has to be appreciated for the kind of movie it is. A movie that insists on the nobility of medical profession, importance of relationships, beauty of friendships, impact & problems caused by dowry, etc. I loved the way Vijay Sethupathy carried the entire burden on his shoulders but still didn't let the movie down till the end credits.