Dhilluku Dhuttu

Dhilluku Dhuttu

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Dhilluku Dhuddu is an upcoming Tamil slapstick comedy horror film in which Santhanam plays the lead, directed by Rambala and produced by Sri Thenandal Films.

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not scary not hilarious

| by Rakesh Reddy |
Rated 2.0 / 5
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Horror movies have become so mainstream these days that even a comedian decides to do one and honestly, it didn't work out to a large extent. Guys, say hello to our hero Santhanam. After doing so good in comedy roles, am not sure why he decided to take the plunge in doing commercial hero role bashing baddies and ghosts. It takes some time to even accept him as a hero because we are so used to see him in sidekick roles for so long. It was hard to digest to see him in an intro song and beating the shit out of rowdies. And that's my humble opinion and not to hurt any of the fan sentiments.

Ok. Now the story. There is this haunted house somewhere and the ghost has this stupid history and waiting to take revenge of some sorts. And on the flip side, we have our hero who falls in love with this pretty scary looking girl and her father wants to get the hero killed. Yeah, the usual girl-dad-hates-guy syndrome. So he cooks up a plan and takes him to the same haunted house I just mentioned. He sets up some ghosts to scare the hero but the real ghost makes a guest appearance and what happens next is a boring climax, which was very uninspiring.

Rambala did a tremendous job in lollu sabha, which was a part of many of our teenage lives and nobody can forget his pokiri spoof. But to bring the same humor in a feature film is quite a task and I think he had faltered there. Writing was pretty ordinary. 1st half was neither funny nor interesting. Ok, it was boring. 2nd half was a bit better with some humor and absolutely no horror scenes. I assume that the director got confused and forgot what he actually intended to make out of his film. Nevertheless, it was a pretty ordinary effort.

As I already told, it was difficult to put a comedian in a hero's shoe. Dance was OK, he had improved a lot but the fights were very hilarious. But Santhanam is back to his best form in terms of comedy. The counter dialogues and timing was just brilliant. I don't even remember who the heroine was as she didn't create much impact to the movie except in climax where the poor ghost gets into her body and Santhanam goes behind the ghost and saves her. Oops did I just give you guys a spoiler. Never mind.

Overall, Dhilluku Duddu is a pretty ordinary film, which is neither very hilarious or decently scary. I just wish Santhanam doesn't take this film personally and gets back to comedy only roles. Bottom line, give this movie a miss. Thank me later for saving your 120 bucks.