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Directed by : Yuvraj Dhayalan

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  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Stars Vadivelu, Sada, produced by City Cine Creations.


“The result is a laughing stock and Vadivelu, the unintentional clown.”

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Rated 1.5 / 5
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Honestly, I had more expectations on this film because am a big fan of Vadivelu's 23amPulikesi. Though, he failed in his other films as a hero, I still believed Eli would be a film that might give the comedian turned hero a break. But I was wrong. This film would push him behind and I wont be surprised if he even loses a couple of films. However, I would not blame him for a boring script. He is a professional and did his role with ease.

I was even wondering if the film was made for kids between age group 2-5 years. There were roughly 2-3 scenes that did evoke some laughter. Vadivelu is a bundle of talent but he was a bit overused. The expressions and the body language crossed the line. Its like he cannot speak a single dialogue without exercising his entire facial muscles. But I liked some English dialogues, which were a bit funny in his own Vadivelu's trademark style.

So Eli is about a petty thief who becomes a spy and keeps an eye on a cigarette smuggling gang. The 1st half drags and moves at a snail pace. Its all about how Eli alias Eli Samy gets into the gang. 2nd half is all about how he cracks the smuggling case. 2nd half was a bit better than the 1st and moved with some purpose. 1st half was totally random with a couple of songs thrown here and there. The entire film is set up in 1960s backdrop and detailing was pretty good with respect to costumes, sets, dialogues etc.

The major issue is with the screenplay. The dialogues were boring and lacked humor. The film dragged and tested the patience especially in the first half. I was wondering how could one even think of such a screenplay and shocked that it even sells here. It might make sense to kids, because Vadivelu does some funny antics. But it gets annoying after a point of time. The music was ok and suited the 1960s mood. Editing does not matter because the film dragged big time. Cinematography was decent.

Again, Vadivelu was good but the main culprit is the script. Sadha makes an appearance in a couple of songs in the 2nd half and adds that glamorous touch to the film. Mera Sapno Ki Rani 'spoof' was a disaster and spoiled the charm of the song. Unbearable to see Vadivelu in that romantic melodious classic song with his annoying face expressions. It didn't work for me. Sadha was good and might get a break she is looking for. Other characters were just fine.

Overall, the film looked like a spoof, which made a mockery of Vadivelu and made him look like a real joker. I felt really sorry for him and just wish he gets back to his strengths and does what he does best always. Coming to this film, please avoid. Even if you have all the time in the world, please avoid.

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