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Directed by : Yuvraj Dhayalan

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  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Stars Vadivelu, Sada, produced by City Cine Creations.


“The result is a laughing stock and Vadivelu, the unintentional clown.”

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Eli - Below Elementary

Rated 1.0 / 5

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"Eli" literally translated means mouse. To catch mice, a mousetrap is essential. In this case, the mice are the audience, the mousetrap is the cinema hall, and the bait is Vadivel. This film can only be the result of too much free time. Even an IIM graduate will lose a few IQ points the moment they buy tickets to Eli. There were many who vacated their seats before the climax, because they couldn't wait around anymore. Just when you think things are getting interesting and maybe the film will start to make sense, a nonsensical and equally irrelevant song will stretch the running time for another five agonizing minutes.

Set in the 1960s, the flick is based on cigarette smuggling gangs and how the police is trying everything they can to ban smoking and do away with tobacco products. Meanwhile, there is one powerful kingpin who finds and kills any double agents who try to leak information to the cops. In one such case, their confidential informant gets screwed. Now, they must find someone else for the job. That's when they come upon Eli - a smalltime thief who can outsmart people simply by talking to them until their brains disintegrate. The rest is predictable, in case you're still interested.

The film runs entirely on Vadivel's talent and onscreen likability. The first name to get mentioned in the opening credits is Sada, and by the time she arrives, nobody remembers she was even part of the cast. The film is supposed to portray the 1960s, but the streets look exactly the way they do in 2015. Lampposts, road signs, and in one instance, even the mobile phone in the trouser pocket suggest two things: a) Technology hasn't improved in India in the last fifty years, or b) The makers of Eli did no homework whatsoever. Mr. Vadivel, you will never be forgiven for ruining the evergreen Mere Sapno Ki Rani from Aradhana. Rajesh Khanna fans, please observe two minutes of silence.

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