Engeyum Eppodhum

Engeyum Eppodhum

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Directed by : M. Saravanan (Director)

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Engeyum Eppodhum illustrates two love stories - one set against the backdrop of Chennai and the other in Tiruchirapalli, which join together in the climax.

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Engeyum Eppothum (Everywhere Everytime)

| by Baranidharan Sivasankaran |
Rated 3.5 / 5
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Paruthiveeran, Mahanadhi, Siraichaalai, Sethu..... Yes, my heart almost sank when I came out of the theater after watching these movies.

I experienced a similar mental agony after watching Engeyum Eppothum.

Hats off to the debut director Saravanan. He has made an audacious attempt at making an almost realistic movie with a valid message.

The cast and characterization take the center stage where there was little room for a wafer thin story line. In fact, the movie by itself is a series of incidents which intersect during the climax.

Amazing screen play with intelligent dialogues and dialogue delivery made the first half zip through like the volvo bus shown in the movie.

Coming to the lead cast - an infinite superlatives should be used to praise the performance of all four - Anjali, Jai, Ananya and Sharvanand.

Among the 4, Anjali manages to steal the show as an arrogant tom boy. Clearly a performance which she should be proud of after Angaadi Theru.

Jai, more than him performing, one should say that he is cast in a role which exudes the optimal performance from him. Job well done.

Ananya, as the innocent cat from the small town has delivered a flamboyant performance with her subtle body language.

Sharvanand, a terrific performance in his debut role as the city guy. Cool and composed in the first half and bursting out his anguish emotions in the latter.

The chemistry is brought out well and works big time between the 2 lead pairs.

The supporting cast including the co-passengers in the bus were thoughtfully cast and add to the authenticity of the script.

The soul of the movie is the screen play which travels back and forth in time; and all through the narration, the director manages to add an element of angst in the minds of the audience.

During the climax, one gets a feeling of emptiness within and we can feel our heart strings getting pulled.

There is no ample scope for technicalities, though the climax road accident scene demanded some heavy CG work. It could have been more realistic rather than a bit tacky.

The camera traveling through the streets of Chennai and alleys of Trichy has captured the essence of the place with minimal fuss.

Music in general is above average, with 'Govinda Govinda' being the pick of the lot and the picturization for the same was hilarious.

Editing is another department which bags brownie points. It helps the narration to be smooth and devoid of confusions even for a common man.

All in all, such movies with some valid messages which is too critical to ignore should be welcomed with flower bouquet and that is what is happening.

Verdict: Go for it!

PS: Lot of blood shed and disturbing scenes during the climax.