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Engeyum Eppodhum

Engeyum Eppodhum

3.8 422 Ratings

Directed by : M. Saravanan (Director)

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Engeyum Eppodhum illustrates two love stories - one set against the backdrop of Chennai and the other in Tiruchirapalli, which join together in the climax.

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A sweet, simple film that touches your heart!

Rated 3.5 / 5
by Arvindh (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Touted as A R Murugadoss' production debut in association with Fox Star Studios, the film has been promoted well and it promised to be a content driven fare. And thanks to the buzz created around it, the film has opened quite well. But the good thing is that the films keeps up its promise. Debutante Saravanan pulls it off with gusto and manages to give a highly engaging film with no major commercial compromises.

The film is about how a bus collision changes the lives of its passengers. But the main focus is on two loving couples narrated in flashbacks in between the journey.
Kadhiresan is a shy, good-hearted guy who falls for Manimegalai, an outspoken and dominating but well-meaning nurse who lives opposite his house.
Then there is Amudha, a small towner and an engineering graduate, who comes to Chennai for an interview and is lost in the big bad city. She apprehensively seeks a stranger's help to get to her interviewer and eventually falls for him.
Both the love stories are laced with engaging humour and you just keep wishing that the film remains so till the end. Kadhiresan and Manimegalai's romance is seriously different and is a laugh riot. While Amudhas unnecessary hyper-consciousness with respect to Gowtham's help will surely put a smile on every viewer's face.
When fate intervenes in the form of a bus collision, one starts wishing that something good happens at the end of it. This is a clear indication of a script that connects with audience.
Then, there are these other passengers in both the buses that add colour to the well designed plot. But some bus sequences seem like deliberate additions to increase the emotional content. The climax seems a little melodramatic, specially after watching the fun filled love sequences that are so natural and breezy.

In a film sans glitz and glamour, it is the performances that elevate the film which is so true in this case. Jai excels in his role of the shy Kadhiresan while Anjali as his outspoken girl friend fits the role like a glove. Ananya, as the small towner Amudha, understands her role really well and her performance is just perfect. Sharwanand, though not bad, gets eclipsed in these good performances. It is refreshing to see the supporting cast, comprising of predominantly unfamiliar faces, giving good performances.

M. Saravanan does a great debut and lets hope he sticks to his milieu that is simple and fresh and doesn't run behind stars and get caught in the conventional commercial chaos.
Velraj's camera, Kishore's editing and Sathya's music complement the film wonderfully.
The collision sequence may not be technically superlative but is quite impactful.

A nice small film that engages, entertains and tugs at your heart strings. A good weekend watch.

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