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Ennamo Nadakkudhu

Ennamo Nadakkudhu

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Directed by : Rajapandi

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  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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“Ennamo Nadakkudhu is a well scripted action entertainer with excellent performances and taut screenplay. Go for it.”

Ennamo Nadakkudhu Credit & Casting

Vijay Vasanth


Ennamo Nadakkudhu Audience Review

A happening small-timer which is worth a watch

Rated 2.5 / 5

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One of the boys from the Venkat Prabhu gang, Vijay Vasanth is out again to make a mark as a lead hero with Ennamo Nadakkudhu.

Here, Vijay plays a typical Madras youngster who gets mixed up with gangsters when his girlfriend is in need of urgent money at short notice. Vijay gets into trouble with the baddies when an important job, that he is supposed to pull off, is screwed up. How he gets out of the ensuing mess and pressure is the crux of Ennamo Nadakkudhu, where quite a lot is happening in a packed second half.

Vijay Vasanth acquits himself well and there is no needless heroism. He fits in with such street-smart roles perfectly. His onscreen friends also have well-defined parts and do pretty good. There are a couple of needless duet songs in the first half with Vijay and young heroine Mahima and these could have been avoided. The movie would have been even racier then. The romance is also quintessentially filmy.

Mahima's role goes beyond just the romance portions and her role is pivotal to the script. But she looks too young and naive to be a mature nurse. The delightful Saranya Ponvannan rocks as the loving mother with the perfect Madras lingo. She and Vijay share a very informal mother-son relationship with the latter beating, kicking and abusing the former quite often (probably that's how it is in the slums and gullies of Madras!). Saranya's role is abruptly cut short and the impact is lost.

There are many more senior established actors in the form of Prabhu, Rahman, Thambi Ramaiah and Suganya and their experience and screen presence shine through. We get to see a new kind of money scam in the movie and it is pretty intriguing.

The movie is packed with interesting twists and turns and the viewer is engaged more often than not. The flashback portion involving Prabhu, Rahman, Vincent Asokan and MGR (obviously a lookalike) is a standout.

Premgi Amaren scores high with his riveting background score and his experience scoring the BGM alongside Yuvan for Venkat Prabhu's films stands him in good stead. The film also features some good numbers with Raju Sundaram's stylish dance number, 'Money' being the pick of the lot. It's a solid outing for Premgi indeed. The visual treatment is raw and gritty, except during the song sequences.

Editors Praveen-Srikanth keep the film racy and the packaging is pretty good, save a couple of songs. We get the feeling of seeing a Venkat Prabhu film thanks to the pacy second half and the elements of action, suspense and interesting surprise elements. The climax sequences have been worked out pretty well and it arrests our attention.

On the whole, it's a pleasant surprise with Ennamo Nadakkudhu - a happening action flick.

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