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Goli Soda

Goli Soda

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Goli Soda is an upcoming Indian Tamil film written, directed and filmed by cinematographer-director S.D. Vijay Milton.


“Goli Soda has got engaging screenplay, stunning camera work and top-notch performances by the lead cast. It's one of those rare films that entertains with a message. Recommended.”

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Rise of the Kids

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It's not very often we make an exceptionally good film with a bunch of teenagers. It had happened few years ago with 'Pasanga', and call it irony, it has now happened again with 'Golisoda'. The film takes the innocence, fervor and mischievousness of four teenagers, puts it in a soda bottle and shakes it up until it explodes. The result of which is what we see in the film that gives one tight slap in the face of heroism and stands testimony to the fact that story is the real star of a film.

The story takes us through the miserable lives of four teenagers, homeless and orphans, who work as porters in Koyambedu market in Chennai. The only adult in their life is Aachi, whom they love and respect for being the guardian. Day in and day out they work in the market, earn a pittance and live life happily. They soon realize that their lives as porters doesn't promise them a successful career, and, therefore, seek the help of Naidu, to start something on their own.

With the help of Aachi, they approach Naidu seeking loan, but what they get in return is one of his empty shops in the market that he has been using to store goods. The shop is soon changed into a mess, working extremely hard they make hay while the sun shines. But one small incident forces Naidu to use his muscle power against the kids. That incident sets in motion events that keeps the audience hooked to their seats till the last minute of the film.

It's not the story of a bunch of homeless kids turning heroes, but risking their own lives to protect something that has given them an identity. Cinematographer-turned-director Milton strikes a chord with the audience with his realistic story and even more realistic performances. Take any orphan teenager and ask him what does he miss the most in his life? I'm sure the answer will most likely be a family or at least someone who cares for him. We see that beautifully unfold in the film, which oscillates between entertaining at regular intervals and delivering a wonderful message towards the end without being preachy.

A special mention needs to be made about the stunts in the film. While dealing with kids, it's very important to make everything look credible from the perspective of a young viewer, and 'Goli Soda' achieves that effortlessly. At two hours and two minutes, the film is definitely worth your time and money. I feel it deserves to rake in the moolah. If commercially awful films like 'Jilla' and 'Veeram' can mint gold, then why not this film.

Milton has extracted brilliant performances from his lead cast featuring the four teenagers from 'Pasanga', who are no longer kinds. There's a wonderful dialogue in the film that translates to - 'we can't fight back, but we can't run as well because we are no longer kids'.

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