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Guru Sukran

Guru Sukran

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“Better to avoid it all costs.”

Guru Sukran Audience Review

Guru Sukran - Weed Kills

Rated 0.5 / 5
by Sudarsan Ramamurthy (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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The premise of this film is: Marijuana kills. Not even kidding. This film looks like it was shot for an intercollegiate short film competition where they were given the topic on arrival and given three hours to script, cast, and shoot. This movie is so random, it will kill your buzz even if you've just hit the thickest Mary Jane of your life.

There is literally no plot. The hero looks like he just got out from a Halloween party. Unfortunately, that's his real face and not some cosplay mask. Oh, and did I mention there are two of them? Not only does this film excel at giving you what you don't want, it doubles the offer and shoves it down your unsuspecting throat. But, here's the twist - though the title characters may look alike, they aren't brothers. You'll know how weird it gets when one guy dates the other guy's sister. This begs the question: how twisted would a woman be to date someone who looks *exactly* like her brother?

According to this movie, if someone is hanging from a tree's branch, that person is dead. Even if he doesn't have a scratch on his body to prove that someone even touched him. I'm not going to go on anymore. An example of how bad this film is: couples who bought tickets to this film for the specific reason of making out in the couch seats stopped midway and left. That's how emasculating this film is.

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