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Hello Naan Pei Pesuren

Hello Naan Pei Pesuren

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Directed by : S. Baskar

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  • MJ Rating 1.6/5
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Hello Naan Pei Pesuren is a horror comedy film directed by S. Baskar and produced by Sundar C.


“An outdated horror comedy that thrives on crass humor”

Hello Naan Pei Pesuren Credit & Casting

Vaibhav Reddy

Hello Naan Pei Pesuren Audience Review

Hello Naan Pei Pesuren Review- A severely monotonous horror comedy

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Hello Naan Pei Pesuren's promo videos promised a novel premise of a ghost hiding in a mobile and seeking revenge. However, when you watch the film, you will realize it's not as inventive as the initial promos seemed to be. The film revolves around a done and dusted template of a horror film, interspersed with humor throughout the screenplay with a handful of laughter-producing supporting actors like VTV Ganesh and Yogi Babu, who is not utilized properly.

The romance between Vaibhav and Aishwarya Rajesh is easily one of the most cliched and boring love sequences ever. The only surprise factor and take away in that particular sequence is the absolutely tripping Silakki Dumma song composed by Siddharth Vipin. Both Aishwaryaa and Vaibhav liberate themselves and get off the ground in full-fledged kuthu mdoe for the song, which erupts audiences easily.

Director Baskar has tried to imitate the copy-paste filmmaking of Sundar C, who has actually bankrolled this movie. For most of the time, scenes are intercut with popular hit songs from memorable films to bring smiles on the faces of audiences.

Had Bhaskar concentrated more on the screenplay and taken some effort to create genuinely funny comical situations, HNPP would have been a much better film.

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Hello Naan Pei PesurenHello Naan Pei PesurenHello Naan Pei PesurenHello Naan Pei PesurenHello Naan Pei PesurenHello Naan Pei PesurenHello Naan Pei Pesuren