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Directed by : S. Shankar

Release Date : | Length : 188 Minutes

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I is a romance-drama movie directed by S. Shankar and stars Vikram in the lead role


“I is a visual delight elevated by Vikram's act, but is a sad letdown for Shankar's loyalists.”

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Infinite saga of unending revenge of never ending love of ...to be continued!

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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I. The discerning audience. Tortured, troubled, bored. I, the fan, who saw a trailer, wondering what unearthly story this could be, only to realise it was just the choreographer's over-imagination in a song. I, the common man, who likes Shankar because he makes awesome movies, now wondering, why someone who made amazing movies such as Gentleman and Enthiran, decided to give this script some life. The movie is about extra work, extra shots, extra frames, extra stunts, extra makeup, extra songs, extra acting,oops no, very little acting, barring Vikram, who for most part was handicapped anyway to display his acting skills.

In one particular shot, an ugly Lee or Lingeswarulu(Vikram), once a top model, now disfigured, distorted, sees himself in the mirror and his heart breaks. When you are trying to focus on the acting, the director gives you a flickering light, which doesn't let you soak in the moment. That is more or less the story of the movie. At one point, a friend gets up for a coffee in the middle of a fight, brings his coffee(you know how lousily they make coffees at some of our multiplexes), finishes it and the fight just goes on. I don't know if a human body can take up so much beating, but a human mind can only take up so much exaggeration, so much hyperbole.

I is the tale of a top model Diya(Amy Jackson) who creates a model out of Vikram because her co-model(Upen Patel) has been after her life to have a fling with him. Meanwhile, she attracts the affections of others, who play a defining role in her life in strange ways. Although, nothing should be revealed in the reviews, most common movie goers just about figure out everything which the director torturously, exaggeratedly postpones from revealing till the end. To add to that, the movie goes back and forth, a love story and a revenge saga intertwined. The director is obviously fascinated by everything large and even the revenge is large. Will you kill me, one of the antagonists asks. He replies, "Something worse"! The planned revenge though isn't easy on the audience' patience as the movie exceeds three hours and still goes on. There are fights on Chinese rooftops with cycles, fights in the gym, fights in an old warehouse (exactly why that warehouse is picked by a billionaire business tycoon, I cannot quite fathom) and fights over the top of trains. Over the top, yes. Apparently, someone getting an electric shock should be hit with an iron wedge. Apparently it is possible to google and create amazing concoctions that do strange things to the body. Apparently it is possible to set a man on fire and start a stopwatch and then put off the fire exactly after a few seconds, to bring about the right amount of damage to his body.

I would have been a decent movie given all the efforts Vikram puts. His body language as a guy from lower middle class deeply in love with a model and obsessed about bodybuilding, his body language as a man totally disfigured is praiseworthy. There are some spectacular shots by PC Sreeram, which prove to you why he is one of the best cinematographers in the nation. AR Rahman's music is brilliant and tries, to give the whole canvas a nice ring. However, Shankar, in spite of a massive budget, indulges himself and that is where the movie goes haywire. I cannot see an excuse for an entire commercial of a song for product placement even though your story is about two models - totally unnecessary. There is too much dialogue, too much drama, too much build-up. The climax is a dud on top of that, just making you shake your head in disbelief at its unrealistic portrayal of characters. You almost want to kiss Santhanam's fingers for being there right through offering much needed comic relief every now and then. I is a movie you could watch if you are a Shankar fan, who likes hyperbole and exaggeration. If you are someone who likes your things subtle and crisp, you could just sit this one out!

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