3.5 9,035 Ratings

Directed by : S. Shankar

Release Date : | Length : 188 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.4/5
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“I is a visual delight elevated by Vikram's act, but is a sad letdown for Shankar's loyalists.”

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Vengeance is mine

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Don't audiences deserve a decent date at the movies? A modicum of respect for their intelligence. A sense of appreciation for their unimpeachable loyalty and implicit faith. Well, film-makers do not seem to think so. According to them, they go by the formulaic logic of WYSIWYG (which, in computer parlance means - what you see is what you get). Otherwise, how can one explain I which has been made with so much technical finesse and cinematographic thought behind it? If only Shankar and his team had equally put their energies and effort into the script and storyline, I, could have been an eventual winner at the box office.

Of course, figures will be touted as to the success of the film and the moolah it has raked in, in the first three days of its hyped up run, and heightened sense of expectations from an eager-beaver fans. But, I, as an end product turns out a typical, trashy and trite factory-line fare which is unable to rise above the mundaneness of its mediocrity.

A typical tale of besotted love, I, which has all the ingredients of a typical commercial cauldron of villainy, rivalry, risque comedy, ennui driven twists and turns, makes for a tiresome time, given that it is long as three-hours ten minutes.

The film's songs, sumptuously shot in vibrant hues and habiliments that the hero and heroine sport, and the special effects adding that extra zip and zing, are more of an advertisement shoots endorsing products aplenty than romantic dos.

Sadly, Rahman's score does not scale up to the maestro's own metrics and is a tad disappointing. Surprisingly both Vikram and Amy Jackson are pleasurable to watch in their other avataars than their original forms. As a beast out to seek its vengeance Vikram comes up with a bravura performance while as a body builder aspiring for the hand of the Mr India title and the model Diya whom he is besotted with, he is a pale shadow and whose voice is to irritating to say the least. Likewise, Amy, in her robotic form, in the song 'n dance numbers and as a model, is a feast for sore eyes, but as normal lass lacks the verve and vivacity.

Shankar, lost in the showmanship of his enterprise, has thrown to wind all other aspects of the films, in the process, I, sinks in the mire of its own making. One squirms and struggles in his seat as the three-hour tripe doggedly tries to have your attention span from waning and you wilt to the soporific snooze than engulfs one.

In sum, I, turns out a vaudeville where ingenuity and ideation is lost in the inanity and insipidity that inhabits it. Honestly, I, is not worth the trip to the theatres but can be safely seen after the hoopla has died down in the cozy confines of one's own living room. I have had my say, it's over to you folks.

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