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“Some laughs that actually might not hurt.”

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Vijay Antony


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Vijay Antony is the Himesh Reshammiya of Kollywood. Minus the nasal whining, the cap, and the facial hair. Vijay Antony is Himesh Reshammiya 2.0. When his debut film's posters came out some years back, people thought it was his latest album's cover. Nobody even guessed he'd become an actor, and Mr. Antony still keeps them guessing. But, unlike his last films, he did not compose music for India Pakistan. Maybe because he wanted to concentrate all his time and efforts towards becoming a better actor; or just becoming an actor.

India Pakistan is an entertaining movie, if you are illiterate and don't have the basic IQ of a regular human being. The gags fall flat, there is too much acting per square feet, and the story keeps taking new twists and turns. It is explicitly clear that the running time of 150 minutes could have easily been cropped to 30 minutes, and the audience would still like it better. The film is titled India Pakistan simply because the hero and heroine keep getting into quarrels, and in a song sequence claim to be India and Pakistan respectively. Why they couldn't be India and Australia, or one of the other many countries India has gone up against in cricket, will always remain a mystery. There are some artists who get into trouble for nothing, and then there is India Pakistan which garnered no controversy whatsoever. Is it because nobody really cared? Food for thought.

The film is supported purely on the shoulders of the supporting cast. Veterans such as Pasupathy, M.S. Bhaskar, Manobala, and Urvashi give the audience something to remember. Jagan provides comic relief to the best of his abilities. But, unfortunately for him, it looks like he was handed dialogues that Santhanam rejected. The only reason Jagan's comedy works is because he is poking fun at others and not doing anything that can be deemed witty.

The song sequences follow the usual formula - run around like lost idiots in a desert. But, wear a designer saree and casual blazer outfit to make it look glamorous. Throughout the film, Vijay Antony's expression reminds every one of the CGI generated face of Paul Walker. In the latter's case, we knew it was CGI and appreciated the effort, but we can't bring ourselves to do the same for a human who is very much alive and does not need CGI to convince the audience that he is actually feeling some emotion instead of constipation.

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