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“Some laughs that actually might not hurt.”

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Vijay Antony


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Rated 3.0 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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This is Vijay Antony's third film, a romantic comedy one, which is different from his last two crime thrillers. Though his films turned out to be decent ones, I still feel he must stick to just making music and stop acting. Not that he is bad in acting but there are better performers and I feel he fails big time in emoting and expressions. He needs to really get some coaching classes and more importantly feel comfortable and smile a bit.

India Pakistan is a story about two struggling lawyers, who share a same house, without knowing they are from the same profession. The deal is that the one who gets the first case can have the house and the other person has to move out. They get a case in which they have to argue against each other. That's the plot.

The screenplay is simple and neat. The dialogues are hilarious and the characterisation of every actor is neatly sketched. Each character has a humor angle and it worked out really well. Though there is no differentiation or value addition, this movie is a neat time pass entertainer and a stress buster. The screenplay could have been a bit more tighter and editing could have been better. The run time was bit on the higher side and a cut here and there would have made the film more engaging.

Music by Dheena was pretty good but the songs are there for the sake of it and they make no sense in the screenplay. The innovative use of mission impossible background music with a Tamil folk touch was commendable. Cinematography was neat, especially in the songs. The framing and angles were pretty decent.

Performances by everyone was good, no major complaints there. But Vijay Antony stood out, in a wrong way. He looked expressionless and lacked emotion. He rarely smiles too. But he looks way better than his first two films. The point is, anybody can do his role and he needs to really work on his emotions to beat the race. Heroine Sushma was pretty and did a decent job. She acts professionally and looks like Anushka in few angles.

The supporting cast has got some hilarious names. The very talented Pasupathi is back and he was perfect in an innocent villager role. MS Bhaskar was awesome as always and took care of the humour portions along with Pasupathi. Jagan and Kaali Venkat chipped in with some decent one liners. The humour was blended into screenplay and it didn't look forced or clichéd.

Overall, India Pakistan is no border related film or based on cricket. Its a simple movie that entertains with its abundant humour scenes. Once in a while, we need these mindless comedy entertainers, to beat the heat and just enjoy the movie sans logic. Don't expect anything and am sure you will enjoy this film.

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