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Inimey Ippadithan

Inimey Ippadithan

3.3 550 Ratings

Directed by : Muruganantham

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Stars Santhanam in the lead role.


“A Bhagya Raj-esque comedy that's nearly paisa-vasool.”

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Inimey Ippadithan movie review

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Lately, Santhanam is going through a lean patch and definitely lost his Midas touch. The jokes became lamer and his timing sense lacked timing. All he wanted was a good film to regain his humorous side, and Inimey Ippadithan could be the one.

There is no actual plot as such. There is this guy, who wants to fall in love and get married in 3 months flat. Some conditions apply, never mind. Viola! He finds a girl and falls in love at the first sight of her. In the meantime, he gets engaged to a girl of his parents choice. What happens next is the story. We all know what happens but there waits a twist in the climax.

Story and screenplay seemed tad bit old for the current generation. The humour quotient kept the momentum going. This film falls under the category called "entertainers", so we cannot expect an unique storyline. Yeah, the audience were laughing for some jokes and so its an entertainer even without logic or story. Songs were good with a couple of melody numbers. There are 6 songs in total, which tests the patience of the audience.

Music, cinematography and editing were pretty decent. No major complaints here. Santhanam carries the film with his one liners and counter dialogues. He looks smart and definitely had the hero material looks. But the problem is that the audience might not take things seriously when conveyed by a comedian who suddenly got rich and became a hero. Otherwise, he was good as a comedian, with some genuine ROFL moments. Then there are Ashna and Akila to add glamour to the film. Veteran Thambi Ramaiya chips in with his effortless antics and one liners.

In a nutshell, Inimey Ippadithan is a neat family entertainer with equal dosage of humor, songs, glamour, love etc. I call it as an entertainer because, the audience were enjoying few moments with claps and laughter. The film carries a message too. That it - "5000 aanalum, serupu veetuku veliya thaan vekkanum. 5 rooba aanalum, kunkumam, saami kitta thaan vekkanum. Pondaati kunkumam madhiri." Hope you understood the underlying moral message.

But happy for Santhanam for giving a decent comeback film. Its good but definitely not his best. Disappointed.