Irumbu Kuthirai

Irumbu Kuthirai

3.1 478 Ratings

Directed by : Yuvaraj Bose

Release Date : | Length : 130 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 2.2/5
  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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“Irumbu Kuthirai could have been the racy entertainer of the year given its talented cast and plot, but, a shoddy screenplay and poor direction lets it down completely. Skip it!”

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Forgettable Bike Race

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Irumbu Kuthirai is directed by debutant Yuvaraj Bose and produced by AGS Entertainment. Adharva takes the lead role with cute Priya Anand as his pair. Johnny Tri Nguyen plays the powerful badie where Raai Laxmi, Jagan and Devadarshini play vital roles.

Irumbu Kuthirai starts with Prithvi (Adharva), a youngster in Pondicherry works as pizza delivery boy with his mother (Devadarshini) who encourages her son to ride bikes without any fear and so he surrounds with his friends Christina (Raai Laxmi) and Jagan (Jagan). When he needs a push to move to next level of his life, he meets Sam (Priya Anand) and falls in love with her. Usual cute love story begins. Sam as an arrogant bike lover and this makes Prithvi to buy a second handed sports bike. When the love birds take a long ride, there comes the twist, the badie (Johnny Tri Nguyen) arrives. The first half ends.

Thus it's the same usual Tamil cinema story, and I wanted to leave the theatre after realising this. But they had promised a bike race sequence in the trailer. So I stayed for the second half.

Second half kicks off with the Villian (Jhonny Nyugen) kidnapping Sam and the suspense revels to the climax where the Hero wins over him. Thank god, Johnny Tri Nguyen doesn't have a tree to use as a stick in the climax fight sequence (Remember 7am Arivu climax!!?) Usual old story line and Director thought adding bikes into this will make the story line a very different one and I am sorry, he has failed badly. With a Producer like AGS, actor like Adharva, who is fresh after his success with Pardesi, Cutie Pirya Anand and Hottie Raai Laxmi, the Director, who had the golden combination, spoiled the show miserably.

Why young directors like Yuvaraj Bose forget about the viewer's knowledge of Pondicherry, Kerala and ECR?

Shooting bike chases in aboard and showing as it happens in ECR, you must be literally kidding. Editing done by TS Suresh is not up to mark for a racing movie and G.V Prakash Kumar music, BGM doesn't get any impact other then "Penne Penne" song. Overall, it's just a time pass bike race can be watched once!!

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