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Directed by : S J Surya

Release Date : | Length : 190 Minutes

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Directed by SJ Suriya, Isai starring himself, Satyaraj and Savithri is a tale about warring music composers and what can ego do to mankind.

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S J Surya


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Rated 2.5 / 5
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SJ Suryah is back after a long time with his most ambitious project till date, Isai. Why ambitious? Because he almost did everything in the film, except for playing the heroine role himself. Story, screenplay, direction, production, acting and music. He is definitely a jack of all trades, including the art of wooing his heroines on screen. There is an overdose of skin show in the 1st half and am still wondering how the film got a U/A.

I can hear what you are asking. Is the film good enough to watch? Read till the end to know ;-)

Do you have too much ego for your own good? Isai is a story about an ego stricken veteran music director and his mind games to plot the downfall of his ex assistant, who is creating a threat to his position in the industry. Go ahead and make your own assumptions on whom this story might be based on, I woundnt stop you.

Director SJ Suryah has taken a simple plot and managed to keep the audience entertained by providing all the commercial elements. He has taken direction to a new level to give the best possible experience to the audience. The screenplay could have been a bit tighter to make the film more emotionally engaging.

Music Director SJ Suryah is definitely good. Be it the songs or the BGM, he sounds so fresh and new. There are a few scenes that were elevated to a whole new level with his fresh tunes. Cinematographer SJ Suryah, oops, that came out in a flow.

Cinematographer Soundarrajan aced in capturing the most intricate details of the nature in the first half in its very best form. The character framing and camera angles were good. The overall color tone of the film gives a warm feeling to reflect the underlying theme of the film, Ego.

Editing was smooth but the major complain is the overall runtime, which is close to 3 hours. That will really test your patience levels, but candy crush on your mobile will help at times. The art department will get a special pat on its back for those exotic sets in the 1st half.

The movie's biggest strength is the veteran Sathyaraj's character. He just lived it and yet again proved he is a seasoned performer. His chemistry with Ganja Karupu was a laugh riot. His dialogue delivery, body language and his egoistic face fuming with jealousy were simply outstanding. A perfect choice of a Villain. SJ Suryah has done a pretty decent job in the acting department as well. He is in his usual romantic self in the 1st half and later unleashes the actor in him in the 2nd half.

Newcomer Savithri provides the much needed glamour quotient in Isai and she does perform pretty decent too. Ganja Karupu takes care of the comedy track.

Overall review:

Its more like two films sandwiched - 1st half is more romantic and breezy with SJ Suryah trademark soft porn scenes and 2nd half is more like a psychological thriller. And bang, there a debatable climax to free you from the 3 hours of agony. Isai could have been a good psychological thriller if it was made with a focus to be thriller. But the addition of commercial elements and a 3 hour runtime makes it look ok, if not good. Watch out for the climax, which stands out in the film. Once out of the theatre, you would remember two things, one is the romantic portions and other is Sathyaraj's character. Where is the emotional connect? You decide.

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