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Ivan Veramathiri

Ivan Veramathiri

3.3 1,945 Ratings

Directed by : M. Saravanan (Director)

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  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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Ivan Veramathiri is an action movie directed by M. Saravanan and stars Vikram Prabhu in the lead role


“Ivan Veramathiri is an action packed entertainer with some brilliant dialogues. Flaws can be side-lined and the film is worth for one time watch.”

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Vikram Prabhu

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Fairly Different

Rated 3.0 / 5
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Although Ivan Vera Mathiri is an out-and-out commercial outing like any other recent Tamil film, it manages to slightly impress with an engaging but little lengthy screenplay. A typical story of a common man with a lot of patriotism who uses brains over brawn to stand up against the wrongdoings in the society. It's the story of an intelligent common man who reminds us violence is not always the solution for some problems.

The brother of a local law minister, who is out on parole and should be back in custody in the next six days, goes missing. When he doesn't show up on the sixth day, the opposition party blames the law minister for keeping his brother in hiding, and therefore, resulting in his immediate arrest. Meanwhile, the missing brother resurfaces and wants to avenge his captor but he doesn't have a clue about his identity or whereabouts.

IVM takes a very simple story of a common man's fight and ensures that it doesn't get a cliched presentation. The film's narrative is erratic due to the on and off romantic angle we get see throughout, but on the whole it doesn't disappoint.

If there's one department where the film falters then it has to be the casting. With no or limited expressions, Vikram Prabhu was a misfit. He delivers his dialogues in a monotone and pretty much repeats the same expressions from start to finish, even in the most important scenes of the film. I quite liked the performance of Vamsi Krishna, who played the brother. He carried off his role with ease, playing the hot-headed baddie with panache. Ganesh Venkatraman as the righteous cop has more more talking and less action, while debutant Surabhi is extremely pretty and can act if guided well.

The opening scene of the film seems to have been inspired by the real incident that happened a few years back in Ambedkar Law college in Chennai. It's a very disturbing scene for a film to open with but what follows is engaging enough for you to ignore it.

IVM could have been shorter, needed taut narration minus the love story. Nevertheless, it manages to entertain and make you have your heart in your mouths in a scene or two.

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