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Ivanukku Thannila Gandam

Ivanukku Thannila Gandam

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Ivanuku Thannila Gandam is a film directed by S N Shaktevel.Deepak Dinkar plays the TV host whose life changes after a night party.

Ivanukku Thannila Gandam Audience Review

Ivanukku Thannila Gandam - A Stress Buster

Rated 4.0 / 5
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This is easily one of the most entertaining films to release this quarter. Ivanukku Thannila Gandam masters the confusion-combination storyline that many films have tried and failed. Every scene is laced with gags, without overshadowing the impending doom the protagonist finds himself in. The casting is spot-on: right from Deepak Dinkar as the TV presenter looking for a big break, to Rajendran as the hitman waiting for a chance to accomplish his half-century, and everyone in between. The music is situational, without item numbers or spontaneous dance-offs in the middle of a vegetable market.

The film begins with the voice of an unknown narrator belting out the backstory of Saravanan in full Galeej Chennai Tamil. Saravanan is a television anchor looking for a big break to cement his career in the entertainment industry. Instead, he lands the 11:00 p.m. slot where he is made to present an afterhours FAQ program where people call in with intimate question that get answered by the show's guest "Sex Samraat". Soon, Saravanan becomes famous for the wrong reasons, and is the subject of many jokes whenever someone recognizes him as the show's anchor. His friends/colleagues James and "Milk" Paandi see him through his trials.

In a bid to become the next big thing, Milk takes Saravanan to a loan shark. This gangster gives an ass-whooping a whole new twist, and draws lines across the backsides of defaulters with hot iron rods. Meanwhile, Saravanan's mother fixes him up to wed the heir to a 100 crore fortune - who ends up eloping with the driver, minutes before Saravanan can tie the knot. By now, Saravanan's life is, quite literally, fucked.

The terror-stricken trio head to the nearest TASMAC to drink their worries away, only to start a brawl. Saravanan, James, and Milk wake up in a lockup the next morning. They talk their way out, and realize that each of them is missing valuables, including Milk's bike. With no recollection of last night, they decide to suck it up and move on. Suddenly, Saravanan's life takes a turn for the better as a result of unfortunate, yet perfectly timed, deaths of his opponents. His world begins to fall apart once again, when he gets calls from an unknown individual, who is only all too happy to announce that he is the one killing off people - at the request of none other than Saravanan.

The rest of the story is about tying off loose ends, which the narrative manages fantastically.

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