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3.6 842 Ratings

Directed by : Suseenthiran

Release Date : | Length : 128 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 3.3/5
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Jeeva is a drama movie directed by Suseenthiran and stars Vishnu in the lead role


“Jeeva starts off slow but Vishnu Vishal's top-notch performance helps scores big in the second half. Splendid cinematography, slick editing and Suseenthiran's commendable direction makes the film a clear winner. Go for it!”

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Perfect romantic entertainer but easily could have been a big motivator.

Rated 3.5 / 5

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Jeeva, directed by Suseenthiran and produced by Actors Vishal and Arya. Vishnu and Sri Divya plays as lead and well supported by Soori and others. Suseenthiran handles very sensitive topic, Cricket politics but didn't into the trap deeply to keep the entertainment alive.

Let's get into the story line, Jeeva (Vishnu) Chennai boy wants to be a passionate cricketer from his very young age. He was supported by his neighbour family and treats him one among them. Jeeva's batting talent spotted by his PT master in the school and later he turns to play for a cricket club. Meanwhile, Jeni (Sri Divya) arrives as his new neighbour and Jeeva fails in love with her. When Jeni's father finds out their love, Jeni is separated from Jeeva and this lets Jeeva to concrete madly on cricket and now cricket becomes his full time career.

After joining the cricket club, Jeeva develops a very good friendship bond with Ranjith and David aka Senior (Soori). Meanwhile, Jeeva meets Jeni again and their love resumes. Jeeva and Ranjith do an excellent job in all cricket series and get selected to play for Tamil Nadu Ranji team. After all the struggles, the Jeeva-Ranjith duo feels their success for the selection and their dream to play for Indian cricket team. There comes the cricket politics, the selection committee head doesn't like Jeeva and Ranjith. He supports his community and his cricket club players to shine and despite their talent, the duo gets dropped from the Ranji team after two years without getting proper chance to showcase their talent. Due to depression of getting dropped from the Ranji team despite of all the hard work makes Ranjith to suicide. What happened to Jeeva then? Well, that was an unforgettable but very realistic climax of Jeeva. Watch it in screens.

Suseenthiran had done an excellent job as a director. He handled the sensitive topic very well by keeping the entertainment quotient alive. Easily Jeeva could have been another "Chak-de India" or any another sports motivating movie but the director does the underdog role well to keep it as a perfect romantic entertainer alone. Vishnu and Sri Divya had done their job neatly. Every department in the film have been taken care well, can't find anything to mention as negatives. Overall, Jeeva is perfect romantic entertainer and worthy watch!!!

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