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Jil Jung Juk

Jil Jung Juk

3.0 343 Ratings

Directed by : Deeraj Vaidy

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  • MJ Rating 2.4/5
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Jil Jung Juk is a caper-con/fantasy genre movie with Siddharth in the lead role.


“Ambitious intentions let down by dreary storytelling”

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Wacky film, boring screenplay!

Rated 2.5 / 5

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There are only two possible outcomes for dark comedies in Tamil cinema, it could either be like Soodhu Kavvum or Sutta Kathai , Jil Jung Juk unfortunately belongs to the latter category.

Newcomer Dheeraj Vaidy wants every character in the film to be wacky but he has gone over the top that Jil Junk Juk is a total mishap. Before the release, Siddharth has apparently joined hands with team 'Put Chutney' for a promo video, which is way better than the whole film.

Yes, Jil Jung Juk has its moments with the explicit adult comedy but that can be done with any top selling 'A' joke book but as a film, this one fails big time that they completely test our patience!

Among all the actors, Siddharth stand out while all others are simply there for the namesake. Other than Siddharth, the film can we watched for Vishal Chandrasekar's music and the stellar visuals of Shreyaas Krishna.

Am not saying adult comedy is a crime, if you are going to movies just for few adult jokes and doesn't care about complete entertainment and thrilling ride, there are chances for you to end up liking Jil Junk Juk but others stay at home and watch Guy Ritchie films!

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