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Jithan 2

Jithan 2

2.5 1,079 Ratings

Directed by : Rahul(Tamil)

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  • MJ Rating 0.8/5
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Jithan 2 is an upcoming Tamil horror film directed by Rahul and written by Vincent Selva.


“Jithan 2 is just another poorly made horror comedy”

Jithan 2 Credit & Casting

Jithan Ramesh

Jithan 2 Audience Review

An agonizing outing

Rated 0.5 / 5

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Jithan 2 is one of the contenders for the Worst Film Of The Year, easily. The amount of horror films that reach the Tamil screens of late is absolutely mind-boggling and this is yet another scrappy attempt at milking a popular franchise. The film has a done to death plot which revolves around a haunted house where the protagonist lives.

Once he (Ramesh) realizes that the house is possessed by a ghost, he communicates with it and learns that she (Iniya) has unfulfilled desires and some scores to settle. Director Rahul Paramahamsa has written the laziest script that is ever possible to create a horror outing, that doesn't even look viable on paper.

The character graph of supporting cast is clichéd and no single part of the story stands out. There's nothing boast about the technical crew which has just done its job. Jithan 2 doesn't even work as a functional horror thriller. Audiences are kept waiting for the film to end for eternity.

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