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Release Date : | Length : 148 Minutes

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Kaadu is a drama movie directed by Stalin Ramalingam and stars Samuthirakani in the lead role

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Documentary film, not for all..!!

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Kaadu is directed by debutant Stalin Ramalingam starring Vidharth, Samskruthi, Samuthirakani, Thambi Ramaiah, Naren, Poo Ram, Singam Puli and many more. Kaadu is a genuine attempt to portray a part of deforestation and how people are suffering as well as benefiting from it. This would have been a good documentary attempt but when the director decided to take it into a entertainment mode, overall impact of the issue have been disappeared and viewers got just another boring movie with an valuable message.

Velu (Vidharth) and his village people depend on nearer forest for their living by selling woods. Though it's not allowed by government, these people do this for decades. Village people believes that the forest belongs to them and they use woods only for the living not for any other propose. On another side, money eating badies target this innocent people for scandal and other costly woods for illegal trading, few of them falls for money. Karna, friend of Velu wants to become a forest guard and does all stuffs for it. During this process, Velu gets jailed for Karna. The rest of the film tells how Velu saves his village from the money eating badies and with a strong message at climax.

As a story line, it may look strong and meaningful, but the way it's presented on screen is just pathetic. During first half, director takes his own time to portray the lead character's life style, his romance and etc which is totally irrelevant to the story line and comedy tracks doesn't impress. Later he also tried to explain each and every character's life style which literally drags the length of the movie too much and tests the viewer's patience level. Even during second half, screenplay drags, slows even more and creates a sleepy mode for the viewers. Overall, Kaadu is a genuine attempt for a documentary film which fails to impress..!!

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