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Kaakka Muttai

Kaakka Muttai

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Directed by : M Manikandan

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Kaakka Muttai is a adventure-drama movie directed by M Manikandan and stars Dhanush in the lead role


“Full of heart and wit, go for this!”

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Rated 5.0 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Ok, for a change lets forget the reviews and ratings. I would want to write what I felt after watching the film. But if you are someone who breathe ratings & verdicts, then let me say that Kaaka Muttai is a must watch film and I would rate 5/5. You can close the browser window now and move on but if you want to know what I felt, then read on. The write up might contain spoilers but that's the best part because you would still want to watch it. Kaaka Muttai for me was an experience.

The story is very simple. Two kids, Chinna Kaaka Muttai & Periya Kaaka Muttai live is a place inhabited by underprivileged people. One day they see a cinema star having a pizza and like any normal kid, they would want to have it. But it costs 300 bucks, which they cant afford. They do all sorts of jobs, in an age they should be going to school, to save money for a Pizza. After all, a Pizza. But then they will be denied entry because their dress code does not demand respect from the security gaurd. They earn more money to buy 2 pairs of clothes in city center for 230 bucks. How innocent? What happens next is rest of the movie, which you must watch.

The two kids are such a charmers. The little one, is more innocent with an infectious smile while the elder one is clever, makes decisions and more like a hero. Kids can never act, only adults act. Kids perform naturally and that's a major strength in Kaaka Muttai. No wonder they got national awards. The film deals with aspects like globalization, rich-poor division, politics, media and more importantly, poverty. You want something but you cannot get it because you don't have money. Even if you have money, you don't have the social status to attain it. That's a terrible feeling.

I loved the screenplay for not being too preachy and for keeping it simple and original. It gives you a moment to think and realize. Not even once the director makes you feel sorry for the characters. They have food to eat and a house to live but you mentally understand how contrasting our lives are. The dialogues are raw and natural. That's how kids speak and behave in those areas. You might think what-the-hell but such people do co-exist in our community, which we carefully avoid from our radars. There are some little nuances sprinkled all over the film. There is a scene where the kids will be offered a left over pizza but they curb the temptation and walk off saving their pride. This scene is followed by the Karuppu Karuppu song, which takes the scene to a whole new level and gives a new meaning. Never look down on anybody.

These two kids do the quirkiest of the things to get that 300 bucks. They want to earn that money and never have a thought to flick it from somewhere. They pick coal, drive home drunk people home in their toy car, clean poster walls and what not. The film deals with a lot of relationship aspects. A father in Jail, who desperately want to see his kids. A wife who is trying hard to get her husband out of jail. A grandmother who makes a pizza out of a dosa with 3 toppings - capsicum, onions & tomatoes. The kids who save money for a pizza but don't think twice to let go of that money for their grandmother's funeral.

GVPs music filled the gaps and the BGM was quite good, which hits you hard. The film is shot in its most natural environment. Editing is slick and runtime of 110 mins is perfect to keep the emotions intact. The supporting characters were simply perfect. And for Ishwarya Rajesh, this is a role of her lifetime. She is the young mother of these two kids and pulled of this character in style.

While watching the film, two things will come into your mind. One, you are very fortunate. Second, you have been there and seen it. Call it destiny or fate, the film emotionally connects with you and makes you feel for the kids, just for a moment, before they embark on a carefree journey in the streets of Chennai, barefooted and remain invisible to the society. Because nobody seem to care that they exist. KaakaMuttai is a must watch for the adults than the kids. The reason is that the film deals with more serious issues in the society, which you don't want your kids to see.

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