Kaaviya Thalaivan (Pradhi Nayagan)

Kaaviya Thalaivan (Pradhi Nayagan)

3.5 626 Ratings

Directed by : Vasanthabalan

Release Date : | Length : 151 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 3.3/5
  • MJ Rating 3.0/5
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“A visual treat with highly satisfying performances and soulful music that outweigh the weak script. ”

Kaaviya Thalaivan (Pradhi Nayagan) Credit & Casting


Kaaviya Thalaivan (Pradhi Nayagan) Audience Review

The theatrical world of One-Upmanship

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Theartre is a art on its own. It not only has to carry the stroy forward with it's loud, over-dramatic emotions, but alos needs to mesmerise you as it flows. Kaaviya Thalaivan aims to be the theatrical aspect of cinema. Though whether it manages to get there or not is left to our wishful thinking about the movie.

Kaali(Siddarth) and Gomathi(Prithviraj) are childhood friends and drama actors , training under the watchful eye of Sivadas Swamigal(Nasser at a very commendable performance). Kaali is gullible and doesnt have too many aspirations, but Gomathi yearns for praise, from his guru, the audience and also from the woman he loves Vadivu(Vedika). But as all his wishes crumble into dust, and worse make their way towards Kaali, the monster within him, unleashes. Thus begins the game of one-upmanship , to conquer the ultimate superiority.

Frankly kudos to Vasanthabalan for making a film of such noir in current times. Given the extent of patience of mordern audience, his boldness needs definite appreciation.

Kaaviya Thalaivan is indeed a visual treat, but what boosters it a lot, is A R Rahman's amazing music. Surely the man is a genius, for he delightfully combines the essence of yesteryear's music to give the epic solidarity. AR Rahman can take a bow, for there is no way one can watch the movie without the sounds.

The movie looks to be a series of plays stitched together. In one part we see the raging hatered in Gomathi and then we shift to the fluffy romantic track between Kaali and Rangamma( Anaika). Then we jump to the performance. Thus the film loses steam and we end up being a witness to various different stage plays that think they are together but are actually not.

The screenplay and narration felt out-drawn and questions the real story the director wants to tell.

Is the movie about the rivaly or hatred between our male leads? Or is it trying to project the feel of the Nationalistic struggles of pre-independant India ? Or is it trying to shed light on how theatre was eons ago?

Those are very important questions and we get only half-bakes answers to them all.

Also the strange roundabout way it began and led to the final scene, feels deliberate. Its as if we are forced to focus on what's present on the screen at present time and not think on how we actually got there.

Maybe that's what Kaaviya Thaliavan intended from the beggining? That we as audiences are only here to watch the scenes unflod but not be a part of them? The lack of suspense is almost laughable like giving us the question paper a day earlier to the exam.

Siddarth and Prithviraj are beyond amazing. Siddarth of late seems content in having another actor steal the thunder and doesnt mind shining only when he has to. Prithviraj sells the whole " I-always-get-the-short-end-the-stick" attitude, and sometimes you can't help but curse fate along with him. Even when they are not actually doing plays within the movie, they are still over-dramatic and emote loudly; keeping intune to the real nature of their characters.

Kaaviya Thalaivan is a story among its many stories, high on content, beauty and performance but falls short of deliverance.

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