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Kaaviya Thalaivan (Pradhi Nayagan)

Kaaviya Thalaivan (Pradhi Nayagan)

3.5 636 Ratings

Directed by : Vasanthabalan

Release Date : | Length : 151 Minutes

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Kaaviya Thalaivan (Pradhi Nayagan) is a drama movie directed by Vasanthabalan and stars Siddharth in the lead role


“A visual treat with highly satisfying performances and soulful music that outweigh the weak script. ”

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Kaaviya Thalaivan (Pradhi Nayagan) Audience Review

Musical Hypnotism.

Rated 3.5 / 5
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There's a sequence somewhere toward the end of the movie where Thambi Ramaiah says many theatre artistes have moved to bioscope. Remember we are talking about the time before independence. This is 2014. You do the math.

Vasanthabalan daringly reverses the trend and brings film actors to theatre. The result is a play within a film but the play turns out to be a ploy as the story progresses.

Kaliappa (Siddharth) is a duckling in 'Madurai Sri Bala Sanmuganandha Theatre Company' which is Nassar's brainchild. Gomathi (Prithviraj) is a scheming mouse in the plot. While Siddharth's stage performances and knowledge earn him a star by Nassar, an unbiased guru; Prithviraj considers himself a better artiste and a more deserving person to play the central character in the dramas they stage. Prithviraj's ego quite naturally wants to be the treasured chap in the troupe, and in the eyes of Nassar. When an opportunity pops up for Prithviraj to get ahead of his rival via cheap tricks, he doesn't hesitate.

Vedhicka might be a stunner on stage but in the film she's 10 things lesser. Anaika Soti should definitely get trained by a guru who can teach her how to emote. Yes, she's cute, but being cute does not make anybody an actor. What's Siddharth been eating lately? He took a back seat in Jigarthanda yet maintained his position, in Kaaviya Thalaivan, he rises where he has to and goes back to his seat unnoticed, otherwise. That's a commendable attitude!

Prithviraj's complex about wanting to be the pick of the lot is something we all in some stage or the other with one person or many experience. It happens in two cases - the person you respect the most and the person you love the most. Here, both Nassar and Vedhicka, prefer Siddharth. He loves a woman who's in love with another man. Understand his discomfort? So, what's the troubled Gomathi going to do? Simple: eliminate Siddharth. But can he get his woman? Haha. Guilt, my boy, can do several things as much as love can.

Thankfully we are watching the film today. If Kaaviya Thalaivan was made in the era it was set in, we would have missed Nirav Shah's weightless exuberance. What you take home is not the lead actors' performances but A. R. Rahman's brilliance which will probably join the list of his best soundtracks. It's fun to watch Siddharth dance to "Sandi Kuthirai" to woo Anaika Soti. Suggestion: You can impress your partner further with this dance. Similarly "Aye Mr. Minor" stands apart as a romantic song of the year. Rahman, you are great!

A true-blue musical drama that doesn't let you down yet it doesn't give you a nice warm hug in the true-blue sense.

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