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Directed by : Vijay Milton

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Kadugu is a Tamil comedy film directed by Vijay Milton


“ Kadugu remains interesting even when things start to get predictable. ”

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Rated 2.5 / 5
by Ruchi Dm (698 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Kadugu is a return to form for Vijay Milton, and a make-good for subjecting us to the disappointment that was 10 Endrathukulla. As he did with Goli Soda, Milton narrates a story whose plot points are familiar, but he injects freshness into the film by giving it a unique setting and populating it with characters who are unusual and fascinating.

The central character is Pandi (Rajakumaran, an inspired casting) or as he refers to himself, Puli J Pandi. He is a folk artist, a specialist in Puli Vesham, and comes to a small town as a help to an inspector (A Venkatesh). The station already has a help in the form of Anirudh (Bharath Seeni, the director’s brother, making a confident debut), a petty criminal who is in love with a young girl. Situations result in her mistaking Nambi (Bharath), a boxer and the benefactor of the town, to be her secret admirer. And, impressed by his kind-hearted character, Eby, a school teacher, gets attracted to Pandi, and the two begin an online relationship. Meanwhile, a perverted minister’s visit to the place and his actions result in a turmoil for these characters, who have to decide between fighting for justice and staying quiet.
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