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Kakki Sattai

Kakki Sattai

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Directed by : Dhanush

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Kakki Sattai is a comedy movie directed by Dhanush and stars Siva Karthikeyan in the lead role


“Kakki Sattai's story is made for a star,but we doubt if Sivakarthikeyan really is one.”

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Kakki Sattai movie review!

Rated 2.5 / 5
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It's quite an interesting journey from an ordinary stand-up comedian to a film actor. Siva Karthikeyan is now a star. And Kaaki Sattai is one such film that is going to cement his place in Kollywood as a mass hero. But, isn't it too early for him to take this huge plunge? Maan Karate was a literal mockery on boxing and suddenly we see Mathimaran, who is a sincere police constable. Fans might feel overwhelmed and accept it but for an ordinary cinema lover, this sudden transformation is a bit disturbing. So do I mean that KaakiSattai is not worth the money? I haven't got to that yet. Read on to find that.

KaakiSattai is a story of a sincere police constable, who accidently stumbles upon an illegal organ trade operation and plots a plan to nab the accused behind the scam. That's the basic plot. This plot is sandwiched between commercial elements like girlfriend, love, fights and songs. There is an overdose of humor, which makes us feel if this is an action thriller or a comedy film. The choice is left to you to decide. Take a call!


So basically KaakiSattai is a story about a cop. Why do we need a love track in a police story. Hey, wont cops fall in love? Yes they do. But they don't break into a romantic folk number in a middle of a serious investigation. That's the snapshot of how chaotic the screenplay was. The director kept giving us some background information of a post interval scam right from the beginning. But that didn't fit into the screenplay properly. In a nutshell, KaakiSattai's screenplay lacked intelligence that you will find in an ARM or a GVM film. The director might have taken the audience for granted that they will take anything that's thrown their way in the name of commercialism, and comedy to mask its imperfections. Sorry Mr Director.

The film's biggest plus is its music. Anirudh simply nailed the BGM in all scenes and the songs too were pretty decent. He gave a mix of folk, melody and fast numbers. Intelligent use of vocals in the BGM in pre interval fight was too good. Some very ordinary scenes looked gripping because of his background score. Anirudh is the guardian angel for KaakiSattai.

Cinematography by Sukumar was pretty good as well. He was brilliant with his lighting and framing, especially the rain fight before the interval. Camera angles in the songs were superb. Editing takes a beating once the screenplay department had issues. The cuts were harsh and scene transition was not smooth in the first half, thanks to the abrupt background information scenes. The runtime of around 150 minutes seemed a bit dragging due to the poor execution of the script.


Sivakarthikeyan was simply awesome in the comedy portions. But he looked a bit stiff in serious scenes. Policeman effect? May be. But I would say it was a bit awkward to see him in such serious roles. It's too early for him to make that move from comedy/love hero to a serious faced action hero. He should focus on what he knows best, which is humor. But, no complaints on his acting. He is such an effortless performer.

SriDivya didn't have enough scope for acting in this movie. She comes for the songs and takes care of the unwanted love track in the film. There was not much chemistry with Sivakarthikeyan also. Imaan Annachi takes care of the comedy track along with Sivakarthikeyan. The duo did give that occasional humor relief. Mano Bala brings some forced humor scenes with him, which could have been avoided.

Overall review:

KaakiSattai is definitely not a boring film but it drags a bit here and there. Song placements were a mess. Villain was weak, which makes the film look one sided and flat. The film fails to engage the audience and fails to take them along. Director Durai took comedy, love, action, sentiment and songs in equal proportions and put it in a mixer and the result is KaakiSattai. Siva Karthikeyan was good, though his body language and dialogues reminds us of Vijay & Dhanush at times. There are a lot of references to Rajini, Suriya, Vijay & Ajith, which the director could have avoided. The story lacked focus and director didn't know if he wanted to make a humor film or an action film.

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