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Release Date : | Length : 135 Minutes

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This movie was originally called Masala Cafe has been renamed as Kalakalappu.It's a action-comedy movie.

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Funny, definitely. Foolish, obviously!

Rated 2.5 / 5
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Sundar C gets back to what hes good at directing mindless comedies. That brief hiatus because of his straying into acting has not caused much damage and manages to return to familiar territory with ease. It is quite enjoyable, though, like any average comedy film, a definite no-brainer.

Vimal passionately runs an ailing hotel in Kumbakonam called Masala Cafe and struggles to keep it afloat with the help of his loyal old cook (V S Raghjavan and his grand daughter, Oviya). A new health inspector, Anjali, threatens to close it down if he does not maintain standards and gives him a 2 month deadline to set things right. Now enters Shiva, Vimals brother and a petty thief, who returns to Kumbakonam after his brief jail term only to spice up the proceedings. He sets up both the love tracks along side reviving the restaurant. Parallelly there is a new police inspector, John Vijay, who is Vimals old friend but wants to make a quick buck by transacting the sale of Masala Caf to a land shark. There is one more story of a seedy jeweler (Subbu Panchu) who comes to Trichy in search of his lost mobile phone that hides some expensive diamonds.
And, these days no film is complete without Santhanam, who is plays Anjalis suitor, a fake rowdy with a bunch of paid cronies. Trouble ensues when Visu leaves town to stop Madhavis marriage to Santhanam during which time Shiva loses Masala Caf in a card game to the inspector. Shiva is also chased by the diamond mafia when the phone, accidentally, lands in his hands. The final showdown at Masala Caf involving the entire cast results in the obvious happy ending.

It is a film that demands no great histrionics. Nevertheless, everyone pitches in a good comic performance to ensure that the humour works. Vimal looks every bit the docile restaurant owner and puts in a decent act. Shiva, playing the smarter younger brother in his own style, is equally good. Anjali, who doesnt quite lose her Engeyum Eppodhum hangover suits the role while Oviya does what is required of her. Ilavarasu as the money lender trying to avoid the inspectors wrath is really funny. Santhanam cracks his one-liners with aplomb and owns most part of the second half. John Vijay and Subbu Panchu play the comical baddies pretty well.

It is plot filled with illogical loop holes, typical of any entertainment oriented comedy film. Hence, it does not make sense discussing the plausibility of the plot. Talking of humour, there are many rib tickling sequences that make you roll on the floor and laugh. The car chase sequence, in particular, that happens in Madhavis village is a total laugh riot.

Vijay Ebenezer churns out decent numbers that go well with the script. Senthilkumars camera captures the proceedings well though one does not expect stand-out camera work in a comedy film.

Surely a decent comedy for this summer.

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