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Directed by : Lawrence Raghavendra

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Raghava (Lawrence) is a happy go lucky guy who lives with his mother (Kovai Sarala) and his brother's family. Although hes a tough guy, but has one weakness - he is afraid of the dark and ghosts, after sunset. One, after returning from a game of cricket with friends, he finds that the cricket stumps have blood stains on them....more

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Lawrence Raghavendra

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Kanchana - Muni 2 - Tamil movie review

Rated 2.0 / 5
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A no-brainer of a movie catering to the front benchers, somewhat watchable for the comedy element.

The basic storyline is a done-to-death formulaic ghost-seeking-revenge story with Raghava Lawrence reprising his earlier Muni role of a ghost phobic mama's boy.

Raghava Lawrence is a typical Tamil film hero who bashes up baddies effortlessly, romances with ease and a do-gooder but with a flaw - his fear of ghosts and needs his mom after 6 even to pee. A cricket match in a haunted empty land starts all the trouble when he takes home the ghosts along with his stumps that were used for the game.

After some spooky and some funny moments, everyone in the household realizes the presence of ghosts in the house and the hero becomes 'officially' possessed by them. As usual, the main ghost has a purpose which is revealed with the help of some Muslim priests who are trying to exorcise the hero. Then it is a predictable story of revenge and settling scores with a message thrown in as well. And ends with an announcement of a sequel.

Raghava lawrence gives himself an opening song (of course, with his typical dance moves) in true filmy style, but, thankfully, doesn't hog every frame in the film. Pre-interval portions belong to Kovai Sarala (plays the hero's mother, as in Muni) and Devadarshini (hero's sister-in-law). The episodes involving both as they try to unravel the mystery of spirits roaming in the house is really funny. Devadarshini does a fine comic job while Kovai Sarala, though funny is, at times, loud and irritating.

Post interval, Raghava Lawrence dominates as the man who suffers from multiple ghost possession disorder and carries out the revenge as expected.

Sarath Kumar in a cameo as the eunuch Kanchana puts in a decent performance and thankfully doesnt get artificially effeminate or vulgar as shown in many films. Lakshmi Rai gets no scope to act and struts around in inappropriate costumes. Sriman is ok as the brother while the villain group, headed by Devan, meaninglessly kill people.

Other departments deserve no mention bad songs (S. Thaman), functional cinematography, art (what is it?) and amateurish computer graphics only let down the film.

On the whole, an unintelligent but somewhat engaging film. Not a terrible watch.

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