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Kangaroo is a Tamil film directed by Samy and produced by V House Productions which features newcomers Arjuna, Priyanka and Varsha Ashwathi in the lead roles, with singer Srinivas composing the film's music.


“Full marks for the effort, not so much for the execution.”

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Kangaroo - Borderline Incest

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Kangaroo is one of those films that makes you cringe as much as you would if you ever walked in your parents having an orgy with your relatives. The movie is an awful mixture of incest, unnecessary sexual adage, and a male black widow spider in the form of a jealous older brother.

The plot follows an uncomfortably close brother-sister duo who probably try to emulate the Lannister duo in Game of Thrones, but fail miserably. The brother, jealous crone that he is, sets about killing his sister's suitors because he seems to assume that only he can give her all the love she can ever get.

The movie is called Kangaroo for the most ridiculous and frankly disturbing reason possible; the brother carried his sister around on his back when they were children. For some unexplainable reason, Kalabhavan Mani, who usually picks some amazing films and roles, seems to have landed in this movie by accident, playing a horned up pimp who wants to insert his manhood into whatever hole is willing to let him in.

Nothing, not even a million bucks, should compel or convince you to watch this film. Save yourself 120 bucks and the possibility of landing up in therapy, and do not watch this film.

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