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Kangaroo is a Tamil film directed by Samy and produced by V House Productions which features newcomers Arjuna, Priyanka and Varsha Ashwathi in the lead roles, with singer Srinivas composing the film's music.


“Full marks for the effort, not so much for the execution.”

Kangaroo Audience Review

Kangaroo movie review.

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Ok folks, director Samy is back with his next film, Kangaroo. He is known for his interest on handling controversial subjects . But Kangaroo might disappoint some of his fans because the film does not have the masala and 'Kasa Musa', that this previous films offered. But honestly, his previous movies gave an embarrassing feeling than excitement.

Kangaroo is a movie based on brother sister relationship. This is also probably TRR's favorite genre ever. Nobody has done more movies in this genre than namma TR Rajendar. Coming to Kangaroo's plot, its about the possessiveness nature of a brother on his sister and how he protects her like an Australian Kangaroo. She falls in love and at the time of marriage, the groom gets killed mysteriously. Then even the next groom gets killed in a suspicious way. The rest of the movie is about finding the killer and the motive behind these murders.

Director Samy wanted to make a Pasa Malar and this movie had the needed potential also but the execution went a bit overboard and failed to give an emotional impact. The narration is inconsistent and picks up some pace post interval. There is an overdose of melodrama too. 1st half is really sluggish but the 2nd half is a bit interesting. Editing is also inconsistent and dual paced, where few parts are slow and few are a bit racy..

Singer Srinivas's music is really good and given some decent melodious numbers. Raja Rathinam's camerawork was pretty good. He has captured the scenic locales of Kodaikanal is its best form. So music and cinematography were the major positives in Kangaroo and negatives were the screenplay and Editing.

Performances wise Arjun was good but went a bit overboard with his acting. Others were just fine and Thambi Ramaiah provided a bit of comic relief. Director Samy as a police officer was pretty decent. That's all.

Unlike Samy's previous flicks, Kangaroo is definitely watchable by the family audience. Slow 1st half, good music, excellent cinematography, decent 2nd half, melodrama, ok performances and a good story that is poorly executed is all Kangaroo is about.