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Katham Katham

Katham Katham

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Katham Katham is an upcoming Tamil film directed by Babu Thooyavan. The film features Nandha, Natarajan Subramaniam, Sanam Shetty, Sharika in the lead and is being produced by Appu Movies.


“Familiarity with its formulaic core is its equal strength and undoing too.”

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Rated 2.0 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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There are good cop stories and again, there are bad cop stories. Our director went a step ahead and made a mix of both the cop stories. We might have got bored seeing the good cop films and it kind of stereotyped a policeman, which is actually far from the reality. There was a hint of freshness to a see a corrupt cop and how he gets his way with public and the accused. The idea was good but the execution failed miserably.

Katham Katham is a story of two policemen in a same station, a good one and a fraudulent one. If the director stopped thinking right there, it would have been a good movie. He gets ultra creative and makes the good cop turn bad and the bad cop becomes good. Good, bad, bad, good and audience went mad.

In fact I was 'googling' to find some tips to meditate during the interval break. In addition, there are love tracks, intro song, item songs, fights, punch dialogues and all the commercial crap. And I almost forgot the villain, who sounded like he had a lump in his throat and never looked threatening. Oh boy, his ultra energetic kid, who kept delivering stupid dialogues and drools even if he sees a mannequin wearing a girl dress. The very first sight of him, I got a gut feeling that he will get killed for sure and it happened exactly. I suddenly felt like a director predicting each scene and for a second thought that becoming a director is easy.

During the opening credits, the visuals from the movie are shown in the background. That gives you an overall picture. That's the first chance you will get to run out of the theatre. Don't worry; you will get many such chances. May be that's the director's touch. The plot is good, but the screenplay is poor and incoherent. Each scene finishes and the next scene is totally irrelevant. That's the problem having two protagonists in a film. Separate intros, love tracks and punch dialogues. There are not much interesting scenes other than these. The 2nd half was a bit better than the first. Overall, a very poor screenplay.

If you thought, that's the crappiest thing in the movie; you are in for a surprise. The music is totally bad. BGM hits your eardrums hard and sounds very amateurish and high school material. Even the songs were not that good. Once the screenplay lacks a flow, editing takes a beating. The cuts were harsh and there is no continuing. Cinematography was good, as the movie didn't demand much technical expertise. Technically, pretty average stuff.

Performance wise, Sathuranga vettai fame Natty is very impressive as a bad cop. His body language and the depth in his voice make him the best bad cop available. The good cop Nanda, doesn't fit the character quite well. He is such a sincere policeman, that he wears khaki pants even in a romantic song. He looks so stiff and looked very uncomfortable in this role. As I said before, the villain looks weak and his son, who looked very confident to get killed just for his dialogues. Apart from that, the ladies Sanam and Sharika added a needed glamour for the film, with more focus on the skin show and Shakira type hip shaking movements in every opportunity they got. Except for Natty, nothing much in the performance department as well.

Katham Katham made an honest attempt to give a sneak peek of a bad cop's life but again it took a cliche route in making this bad cop becoming a good one. To make it more confusing, the good one becomes bad. Except for some witty punch dialogues, and Natty's performance, there is nothing to take away from this film. Give it a miss or don't forget to take some paracetamol tablets to save you from headache. As I said earlier, if in case, the bad cop remained bad and good cop stayed good, we could have got a decent movie.

I don't know why I would give 2/5 for this film. May be 1 for Natty and 1 for the producer, who had guts to make this film. This movie might do good business in B & C centers, who still like such commercial masala films.

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