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Directed by : A. R. Murugadoss , A. R. Murugadoss

Release Date : | Length : 163 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 3.0/5
  • MJ Rating 3.4/5
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“A R Murugadoss delivers a sharp film with a gripping storyline. Anirudh's thrilling score,George's awe inspiring cinematography and Vijay's impressive performance make Kaththi a treat to watch!”

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Samantha Akkineni

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Kaththi - A Double Edged Sword Indeed!

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Rated 3.5 / 5
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Kaththi is fun. Period. That pretty much should sum up this movie but a review demands longer sentences so here we go. Kaththi is monstrously fun. Right from scene one.

In a gist, Kathiresan alias Kaththi, a convict with a proud record of going to prison 24 times and escaping from them 18 times, forgoes his plans to leave the country when he spots the girl of his dreams, Ankita.

En Route he chances upon Jeevanandham, a do-gooder activist who strives to save his villiage.

As Kathiresan takes Jeevanandham's palce and realises the gravity of the problems; how he uses his wit and cunningness to solve the problems forms the rest of the movie.

Vijay is at his prime, both in terms of acting and appearance. The man seems to be aging backwards; sporting a casual lean look as Kathiresan he immediately draws you in with his charm. The movie is an all out Vijay vehicle, for he is in each and every frame save a few that's dedicated to Neil Nitin Mukesh, our stylish corporate baddie, who has done a fabulous job in dialogue delivery.

In a time where most villains are bedi smoking beefed up goondas, Neil's character is refreshing. Not once does he stray away, and is a really smart villain. Which is good, for the smarter your bad guy, the smarter it forces our good side to become.

Smart and sharp is what Kaththi is, except for the songs which could seriously be done away. Every single one of them. They were nothing more than a chance to actually show Samantha doing something in the movie and to provide us with a speed-breaker that we dont really want. But they once again show what a great dancer Vijay is, so midly acceptable.

Coming back to Vijay, You will be thoroughly amused by one of his characters and moved to tears by the other. Both characters are like two sides of a coin. Jeevanandham is the non-violent eye-blinking good side of the cunningly street smart Kathiresan. Fused together and Viola we have a cracker!

A R Murugadoss has taken a sensitive subject and has portrayed it in the most cinematic way possible. Forget logic, don't even go there. Instead you get a visual treat in seeing a big band of men past their prime, playing active part in a coup with our hero. They are having too much fun, playing terrorists according to one of them, and we are having the same fun watching them.

The movie follows Thuppaki's trajectory and fuses witty humour with impressive and crisp dialogues, but doesn't have the same pace. Instead we are over-fed with sentimental montages where our goody two shoes of a hero explains communism akin to a idli. Also the chilling suicides and pains of the farmers is quickly dissolved with a song. These aspects pulls down the momentum. But thankfully it picks off faster in the second half. Also like a true sidekick, Satish's timing is perfect, both in comedy and in saving Kathir's skin. Yet one feels he could have been used more.

George's camera work deserves a special mention, as he captures the ingenious narrative works wonders, especially for the tunnel scene. No spoilers here go watch it.

Anirudh's back ground scores are more energetic than the songs, and it elevates the momentum of the scenes, specifically during the fights. The fights are another reason why I call this movie a complete fun. Instead of the same hero beating up 10 goons with one punch routine, we get a creative and probably even a calculative methodology of how to beat them up. All it takes is a flip of a coin.

Kaththi is imaginative in solving the many issues it showed and inventive in displaying how our hero can actually do it. A fun filled entertainer with an underlying social message; a double edged sword indeed.

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