3.0 373 Ratings

Directed by : Era. Saravanan

Release Date : | Length : 140 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.4/5
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Kathukutti is a Tamil movie featuring Narain and Srushti Dange in the lead roles.


“Kathukutti ends up as a fair one time watch.”

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Rated 2.5 / 5

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Kathukutty, after a financial struggle, unable to release on time as scheduled, manages to find a proper date and gets released. Narein who has been masking some serious roles till date has chosen a commercial entertainer. And just like all other so called commercial entertainers, the hero does nothing but drinks and creates trouble to others. Supported by his friend who obviously has to be a comedian, Soori joins Narein.
When Narein is a spoiled brat, his father has a high respect among the people and is active in politics. The higher authorities of the political party wants a youngster to lead instead of a veteran and makes Narein to contest in the elections. How well does he take up the election and does he win or not is this film.
Apart from all the commercial elements, this movie also deals with some serious farmer’s issue that is prevailing in our land even now. The way Narein deals with the farmers and their problems receives applause. This is more similar to 49-O which also touches the farmers issue with a politicial touch.
When some serious and delicate issue is being handled, the director could have focused more on the issue rather than focusing on the commercial elements. Kathukutty has all the potential to be a notable film, but falls just short because of the over dosage of the commercial elements.
Performance wise, Narein still has all the fire within and does his role with perfection. Soori who travels with the lead throughout the movie manages to evoke laughter. After a few blunt comedy one-liners from Soori, Kathukutty has managed to bring in some really good slapstick comedy from him. Srushti Dange fits to her role and gives her best.
Technically, the cinematography could have been better and the cuts too. Since it has a strong story within, the execution was not upto the expectation. The music and bgm were decent. Big kudos to the director to take up a real life and a very important issue in his debut movie.
This will be heartwarming to those farmers in the rural sides and will be an awareness program to those so called IT professionals in the cities.