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Kazhugu (Kalugu)

Kazhugu (Kalugu)

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Directed by : Sathyasiva

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Based on real life incidents, Kazhugu depicts the story of 4 people who are into the work of recovering bodies of those who commit suicide by jumping off a cliff.


“A refreshing storyline, an engaging background score and flawless performances cover up for a dragged climax. Go for it!”

Kazhugu (Kalugu) Credit & Casting

Krishna Sekhar

Kazhugu (Kalugu) Audience Review

An Eaglet camouflaged as an Eagle

Rated 2.5 / 5

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The dark and disturbing tale of the men who recover bodies of those who commit suicide from the hill top was laid before us with a grim laughter.

Krishna, Karunas and Thambi Ramaiah earn their living by performing the dirty and daring job of recovering dead bodies of the suicide victims from the gorges. During one of the recoveries, Krishna meets Bindhu Madhavi in an awkward context wherein he had to recover her siblings body. In a clichd fashion, the girl falls in love with our hero in a flash. As the film dwindles towards the climax, to keep up with the theme of the movie, people are butchered and we are left to see whether the hero takes revenge or not.

Even though the film was given a refreshing new colour with the help of a gripping story and screenplay, it keeps on reminding us of so many other similar dark and disturbing tales like Pithamagan, Paruthiveeran and Myna. The debut director, Sathyasiva has drawn inspiration from various movies in the past, but should be lauded for the casting and the backdrop chosen for this particular storyline.

The performances were terrific especially from Thambi Ramaiah who has scored yet again and certainly adds to the flavour of the movie.

For Krishna, this might serve as a comeback vehicle. He has done his homework well and had an apt body language to fit the bill. Well done!

Bindhu Madhavi had a plum role, but could not be compared to any of her counterparts who have done such roles in the past, be it Priya Mani in Paruthiveeran or Amala Paul in Myna. But this movie, has by far come in as a breath of fresh air for her to an extent.

The other supporting cast including Jayaprakash, Karunas and the others have done their roles to perfection.

Music by Yuvan was top notch and background score has been the biggest asset and helps in taking forward the proceedings without much fuss.

Editing by the duo of Praveen and Srikanth has to be appreciated for the sheer pace in which the story moved, though there was a minor drag towards the climax.

Camera is yet another pillar of the movie. Kudos to Sathya!

This can be classified as yet another tragic movie which shares many resemblances to its earlier counterparts, but still proves to be fresh in terms of the content and screen play.

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