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Directed by : Anucharan

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  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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A selfish youth is in search of a job. When he finds a job, he gets into bad company as well. The film is a a city based thriller which narrates the problems faced by him due to his bad choices.


“Do not go with much expectations and you may be satisifed.”

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An okayish thriller which loses its path in midway

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Kirumi is a middling thriller as the director has failed to capitalize his own research work which has worked out brilliantly in the first half. As the film progresses, the director loses his path in the middle and then ends with an unconvincing climax,which might not appeal to all.

The film is all about how an underdog who is yearning for respect uses the opportunity of having a good relationship with cops to improve his social status. When he plans to do something against the cops, he comes to know that sketching master game against people in power is not a child's play and at the end, he goes back to his regular life.

The film has some powerful performances including Kathir and Charlie. Both of them have literally loved the role that audience could relate to them. Similarly the other characters artists too have done their job to sheer perfection. The script is co-written by Kaaka Muttai director Manikandan and may be, that's why we could sense an air of realism in the film.

Music by 'K' is a massive strength for the movie. After scoring for feeble films, Kirumi has certainly provided a good opportunity for K and he too has used it well.

As said earlier, the problem with Kirumi is its second half as the screenplay loses its focus and ends with a climax which tries too hard to be novel!

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