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3.9 206 Ratings

Directed by : K. V. Anand

Release Date : | Length : 166 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 4.0/5
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Ko is an action-drama movie directed by K. V. Anand and stars Jeeva in the lead role

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Ko - Its Clicking All the Way :)

Rated 4.0 / 5

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KV directed KO hit the screens with mounted expectations. The music of the movie which topped the charts underlined the expectations as well. After watching the movie, I should say that it has managed to live up to its expectations if not exceeding those.... Well lets see how!!

Protagonist - 9/10

Jiiva fits the role of a young photo journalist to a tee. Indeed a larger than life hero... but goodness me, there are no punch dialogs or unnecessary stunt scenes. He hoists the movies on top of the pole by playing his role with equal brilliance and subtleness wherever needed.

The Cat fight - 8/10

Usually the chemistry will be between 2... But here the chemistry between Karthika, Piaa and Jiiva has been brought out pretty well.
KV has made a statement that heroines are no more Barbie dolls. Both the girls have equally meaty roles.
Piaa makes hay while the sun shines; Karthika only manages to tone her body under the sun...
Karthika, though has got a slim edge for her role, fails to capitalize on that... has got a set of 5 expressions which she manages to juggle throughout the movie. I feel that the pressure has got the better off her (as she is the daughter of yester year heroine Radha).
Piaa on the other hand sports a bubbly role and carries herself brilliantly, oozing great attitude. Expecting to see her in even more better roles from now on.
Even though Karthika wins the heart of the hero, Piaa has won the heart of the audiences.... she even manages to tickle a few nerves at times :)

The Antagonist - 8/10:

Well, I am not gonna break the ice now. Again thanks to KV for camouflaging the role almost till the climax. Prakash Raj and Kota are equally bad, but have become stereotypes.

Ajmal - 7/10:

Well, he adds the much needed x-factor to the movie. Wish to have a young and suave Chief Minister like him.... well may be not!!. As far as his acting is concerned, I cannot but help recollect Anjathey. A decent performance with limited skillsets.

Casting - 8/10:

Brilliant. Commercially viable stars along with power performers like Prakash Raj and Bose Venkat certainly add value.

Story - 8/10:

Focus is on youth politics with the epicentre being journalism - a freshly brewed wine in an old bottle :)

Screenplay - 9/10:

The first half was racy and the second half lagged a bit with a couple of songs squeezed in. Though certain commercial liberties have been taken to make it racy, it is done in a believable manner - At least KV acknowledges that the audiences have brains.

Music - 7/10:

Well, Ennamo etho and Amali thumali are hummable and others are just passing clouds. Harris needs to fine tune.

Cinematography - 10/10:

Full marks to Richard, for showcasing the fresh locales in songs and capturing the authenticity of the streets of Chennai.

Editing - 9/10:

Antony, as always has placed the scissors at the right places. The film at 2hrs45min, though a bit lengthy has managed to tie the audience to their seats (I did not see much movement in the theatre even during the songs)

Art Direction & Authenticity - 9/10:

Even lifeless things like Piaa's office cubicle and Jiiva's cam lens which opens at the side come to life during the course of the movie. The sets in general were believable and authentic.

Verdict: KV directed KO has hit the first SIX for this summer which is also the IPL season for Kollywood.

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