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Kochadaiiyaan (Vikrama Simha)

Kochadaiiyaan (Vikrama Simha)

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Directed by : Soundarya R. Ashwin

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Starring Rajinikanth, Deepika Padukone and Shobana in principal roles, Kochadaiiyaan will have a 6 language release on May 23 after several postponements ceasing its theatrical entry. In addition, the Soundarya R Ashwin directorial scripted by K S Ravi Kumar has an ensemble cast including the likes of Nasser, Aadhi, Jackie Sh...more


“Kochadaiiyaan can be appreciated for its animation and ambition but Rajinikanth's star power and stunts cannot make up for the disappointing script. One time watch for die hard fans.”

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R. Sarathkumar

Kochadaiiyaan (Vikrama Simha) Audience Review

Nothing Legendary About It

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After long delay superstar Rajinikanth's Kochadaiiyaan is finally out and my instant reaction after watching the film is that did we wait for three years for this film? If this is what we waited for then I feel most of us have wasted a lot of time and money rooting for a film that turns out to be a big disappointment. If only this was a live action film, I'm sure it would've definitely been far better than what we finally get to see on screen. Had this been Rajini's last film, I'm sorry but it would have been a disappointing farewell. I guess he was smart enough to anticipate the impact of the film and that's precisely why he has already started working on his next project.

Kochadaiiyaan is a revenge story. A son has to avenge the man responsible for his father's death. Both son and father are played by Rajinikanth, who looks extremely disappointing in animated form. One of the best features of Rajini is his trademark walk and even that couldn't be brought to life using this technology, which was promoted as the future of Indian cinema. I start to wonder why did the makers spent a whopping 125 crore on this? If budget was a constraint for this half baked product, I say, they shouldn't have even attempted to make a film like this in the first place, let alone feature Indian cinema's matinee idol Rajinikanth in it. It's definitely an insult to all his fans who've patiently waited for nearly four years to see him on screen again.

Of course, the film features the one and only Rajinikanth, but unfortunately even he couldn't save the film from sucking the life out of you. In a motion capture film, the least you expect is to see the reel characters as real as possible. While Rajini, Nasser, Jackie and Deepika look at least satisfying but the characters of Sarath Kumar and Aadi look nothing even remotely close to the real avatars. You understand that it's them because of their voices. But I'm glad at least they brought back Nagesh to life in digital format and he looked and sounded far better than few other characters.

The film does score some brownie points in keeping Rajinikanth's mannerisms intact. Be it the screen presence he brings with his triple characters or the casual romance with Deepika and Shobana, Rajini is there on screen entertaining his fans. It was easy to recreate him to perfection because he acts as an animated character in real life with minimum expressions and gestures, and therefore, to capture all that motion capture becomes extremely easy. It's because of Rajini, you continue watching the film despite its shortcomings in the form of songs placed at the wrong junctures and the over the top melodrama doesn't leave you convinced because even when you try to attach yourself with the characters, you realize they are not real.

Rahman's music is something to look forward to and some amazing stunts sequences featuring the superstar. Thankfully, the film is just two hours long and that's nice of the makers to have some mercy on us and ensure we leave the cinema hall before we start hating the film more than we already have. Although there are some mass appealing dialogues, you don't feel like cheering with it because the actor's mouths hardly move when they are delivering these powerful lines. It all looked so artificial.

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