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Komban is an upcoming Tamil action comedy-drama directed by M. Muthaiah and produced by Studio Green. The film stars Karthi and Lakshmi Menon with G. V. Prakash Kumar composing the film's music.


“Karthi's intense performance apart, Komban just doesn't hit the button.”

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Rated 2.5 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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After Madras, which was a runway hit, Karthi is back with what he knows best, the Vesthi's, rough dialogues, generous thigh show and of course his striped bermudas aka Pattapatti. I sometimes feel that nobody can do a rural character so good, that he literally lives the character but this time Komban falls miserably short of Paruthiveeran, though the stories are different, the comparisons are inevitable.

Kombaya Pandian is an angry young man, who cannot tolerate injustice even one bit. He breaks into a fight for everything. He sees this girl Palani and falls in love. Under cinematic liberties, they get married without any fuss, thereby cutting all the cliches. He does not have a good feeling on his father in law and breaks his head once in a heated argument. The wife and the father in law walks off and we reach the interval block. Rest of the film is about how he bonds with his father in law amidst local politics and fights.

Screenplay has everything you can ask for. Fights, love, songs, sentiment, humor and bit of message, which I failed to understand. The director didn't give us the time to understand what he is trying to convey in the 2nd half. First half is commercial so it goes off in a flash. 2nd half was intended to be emotionally engaging but it failed. Even before you start feeling for the character, there is a cut and this unwanted villain makes an entry or a song or Thambi Ramaiah cracks a joke. There was no time to soak in the emotions, when the film deals with relationships. The story was predictable and lacked the emotional connect.

Cinematography by Velraj was good and he captured the rural setting in its original form. The camera placement during the fights was good. Music by GVP was decent, if not great. Climax fight BGM was the best in the entire film. Karruppu Nerathazhagi was good and shot well too. Editing was patchy. The focus kept shifting and the cuts were abrupt. 160 minutes is way beyond the human tolerance limit and lot of scenes could have been trimmed to make the film more racy and tight. The stunts were raw and impactful. Karthi performed them with ease.

Acting wise, Komban is brimming with loads of performances. Karthi fits quite well and delivered a flawless performance. The dialogues and facial expressions were perfect. Lakshmi Menon is an expert in this kind of village girl roles and she was excellent. The veteran Rajkiran didn't get enough scope to showcase his acting abilities. The director could have brought out more out of him. Thambi Ramaiah filled the gaps with his timing dialogues and antics. Super Subrayan as a villain was too good with his expressions. He looked threatening and gave a tough competition to the hero.

The idea was make something similar to Paruthiveeran but Komban falls short. If the focus is on relationships, then those unwanted fights should have been avoided and made the film more engaging. There were more than 8 fight sequences, which even B/C Center audiences will feel a bit too much. Breezy first half, uninspiring post interval , a decent climax fight and abrupt end. You wont even realize that the movie got over and try to understand what the director wanted to convey. But that climax fight with god possessed Rajkiran running around forest and Karthi kicking the bad guys in the backdrop of GVP's BGM was the highlight of Komban.

The film will definitely work in B/C centers because they can easily connect with the film. The city audience might not take the film seriously as the fights get a bit overwhelming after a point in time.

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