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Komban is an upcoming Tamil action comedy-drama directed by M. Muthaiah and produced by Studio Green. The film stars Karthi and Lakshmi Menon with G. V. Prakash Kumar composing the film's music.


“Karthi's intense performance apart, Komban just doesn't hit the button.”

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Komban - Country Cousin

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Despite its star cast, Komban is a huge problem from start to finish. The story is incredibly cliched and predictable, the actors play the same roles they are famous for, and almost nothing about this film really stands out. It follows the same old overused formula yet again. The hero of the story Kombaya 'Komban' Pandian, played by Karthi, is a hot-tempered but kindhearted villager, who is accompanied in his escapades by his uncle, played by Thambi Ramaiah.

Komban sees himself as a crusader for the public good, or a Robin Hood of sorts, standing up for the little guy, which usually results in a violent standoff against the oppressor. Karthi, unfortunately, has been pigeonholed into this 'angry young man' stereotype, becoming a Tamil film knockoff of Amitabh Bachchan in his younger days. Komban sees, falls in love with, and marries Palani (as is expected), played by Lakshmi Menon. Her father Muthaiah, played by Rajkiran, is a character so sad and so bechaara that you as the audience would end up feeling sorry. Why, you ask? Because during the course of the film, Muthaiah, who is supposed to be a respected and revered member of the community, is humiliated, injured, and even thrown in jail, thanks to the misgivings of none other than his son-in-law, who lets his temper act before his mind does.

The real crux of the film is just as recycled as a Tamil comedic actor's jokes, is Komban being at loggerheads with the corrupt panchayat leader Gundan Ramasamy, played so stereotypically by Super Subbarayan. Ramasamy, who is pegging his son-in-law for his post after he steps down, has no dirth of henchmen at his disposal, ready to kill Komban and his family in the blink of an eye. But la di da, Komban repeatedly saves his family from Ramasamy's planned attacks, and obviously saves the day at the end. Slow claps for that one, please. The only thing worth commending about this film (and this is generosity at its finest) is Kovai Sarala playing Komban's mother. We all know Kovai Sarala as the nasal whiny annoying comic relief in most films, reminiscent of Janice from Friends. In this film, however, one does have to note that she steers away from that characteristic role of hers, and plays the tortured matriarch to perfection. Watch Komban if you must, but this is a much better option once it hits television screens, and you have nothing better to do.

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