Kurangu Kaila Poo Maalai

Kurangu Kaila Poo Maalai

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Kurangu Kaila Poo Maalai is an Tamil comedy film starring Praveen in the lead role.


“Yennamma Ippadi Panreengalaema?”

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Kurangu Kaila Poo Maalai movie review

Rated 0.5 / 5
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It was a very hot day in Chennai and I had this movie scheduled and had to watch it. Parked the car and made sure I will get a refund of the parking token if the movie is cancelled due to low turnout. But, my bad. A few couples made their entry and all my dreams of going home and having biriyani and sleep, crashed in a second. Now, they will play the movie and I have to watch it. The couples made a wise decision to watch a movie with less audience, you know why. Ok, lets not dig into their private lives. Lets get into the food review.

Did I say food? Yes. I got a plate of samosas and a coke zero. I was hungry, you see. The samosas were not hot. I walked out of the film and got them reheated. I like my samosas hot always. When I returned, the movie didnt seem to go anywhere. Then, my coke became warm and I had to walk out again to get a cooler one. I was really unhappy about the food and service in the multiplex.

Ok guys, chill. There is nothing in the movie to review. I had to write something and the food was the most important and interesting thing that happened in the theatre. The film, will go down as one of the worst films I have seen in my life. There is confusion all over with a million characters. The making of the film was mediocre, as if they shot using a point and shoot camera. The music adds to the headache.

More than anything, this film is totally anti women, with a lot of dialogues demeaning women and the way they see love as a weapon to trap men and get things done. That's totally rubbish. I didn't really understand the plot but anyways I hope you are not going to watch the movie even in torrents, so it doesn't matter. The director gave a disclaimer in the beginning that the audience might get caught in this confusion and it did happen.

Only thing I liked is the climax, where the heroine comes and cleanly explains the entire film in 5 mjns and that's where I understood what a crappy film this was. And I also liked a police character in the climax. He did give me some LoL moments. That's it. Don't watch it. Please do not try this at home.