Maan Karate

Maan Karate

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Directed by : Thirukumaran

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  • Critics Rating 2.8/5
  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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Maan Karate is an upcoming Tamil romantic comedy film directed by Thirukumaran. It stars Sivakarthikeyan, Hansika Motwani, Soori, Vamsi Krishna, Writer Shaji and Sathish. A. R. Murugadoss wrote the story for the film.


“Maan Karate is a commercial entertainer but falls flat due to weak script and narration. Fantastic performance by Siva Karthikeyan makes the film a one-time watch.”

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Siva Karthikeyan


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Doesn't match the hype around it, ONE BIT

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Rated 2.5 / 5
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There is nothing like a good underdog movie and this was evidenced recently in movies like Ethir Neechal and Haridaas, where we rooted for the lead player and wished that he achieved his motto in the end. Here in Maan Karate, we have a similar underdog and he is a boxer named 'Royapuram' Peter, who doesn't even know that boxing is a sport, before being coaxed by a group of friends to take up the sport. These friends know what is coming in the future, thanks to their encounter with a powerful old sage who has foresight, and they intend to use the 'champ-in-the-making' Peter for their own selfish money-making motives.

Maan Karate is majorly the romance between Peter and Yazhini (played by Hansika). Peter poses as a boxer to woo Yazhini as she is a big fan of sports. She doesn't realize what Peter is up to, till the very end as she is this typically beautiful, dumb filmy chick who falls for a 'local' and is unsuspecting and naive.

Like all commercial movies, we have the physically imposing villain being beaten to pulp in the climax inexplicably by the weak hero just because he can't stand the sight of his girlfriend being insulted or belittled by the baddie. Even the great Rocky Balboa didn't win his very first battle against Apollo Creed. Like a true underdog, he put up a glorious fight and pushed the champ to the very limits, but here our Tamil cinema hero becomes the champ straightaway against a multiple winner just because he is THE HERO.

Maan Karate is technically slick and features great visuals throughout, a grand boxing finale which has been spectacularly staged and of course Anirudh's brilliant work on the background score and the songs. Anirudh just can't do a thing wrong, it seems.

But the songs have been positioned very poorly as the situations are predictable to the core. Nevertheless, they are a visual treat thanks to the DOP Sukumar's work, Siva's much-improved and graceful dance moves, Hansika's oomph and the colorful costumes.

Fans of Siva Karthikeyan's brand of humor have something to enjoy as the young man is in good form in the first half, with his attempts at mimicry and of course his other 'soup boy' antics. Soori is hyperactive in a little role as a referee (who officiates only when Siva is in the ring) while Sathish eases through with some witty one-liners.

With A.R.Murugadoss in charge of the story, a much much better movie was expected. The fantasy part has been used well to incite some interest but the rest of the movie is pretty flat with just the odd Siva Karthikeyan antic and the music to lift the spirits.

And the way they have shown boxing in the movie is one big joke. Siva just eases through the boxing tournament to the final, by indulging in his silly 'Maan Karate' routines where he just keeps pulling off the 'escape act'. The public also falls in love with this clown just because it is a movie, and he is 'front page' material on the newspapers. With no training, he is also able to withstand some serious bashing in the final and ultimately even manages to beat a champion boxer!

It is a commercial movie at the end of the day but a really below par one at that. The technical finesse and Siva's good run of late, will ensure that Maan Karate will leap to box-office success. But content wise, it is mostly poor.

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