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Maan Karate

Maan Karate

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Directed by : Thirukumaran

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Maan Karate is an upcoming Tamil romantic comedy film directed by Thirukumaran. It stars Sivakarthikeyan, Hansika Motwani, Soori, Vamsi Krishna, Writer Shaji and Sathish. A. R. Murugadoss wrote the story for the film.


“Maan Karate is a commercial entertainer but falls flat due to weak script and narration. Fantastic performance by Siva Karthikeyan makes the film a one-time watch.”

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Siva Karthikeyan


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A lazy commercial entertainer

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Sivakarthikeyan has gone on to become one of the most bankable actors in Tamil industry. This has given wannabe writers and directors to feature him in aimlessly written stories usually targeted at pleasing the masses. While I liked Siva's 'Ethir Neechal', which at least had something to cheer for, his latest film 'Maan Karate' stands testimonial to bad writing and direction.

Branded as a film by A.R Murugadoss, who had also written the film's story, 'Maan Karate' is Stallone's 'Rocky' meeting a character called Royapuram Peter, who has to win a boxing championship to prove his love for his significant other. But Peter doesn't know how to box and yet manages to reach the finals of the championship by dodging his opponents in the ring, courtesy his technique to doge as swiftly as a deer (Maan in Tamil), and hence the title 'Maan Karate'. Peter has to lock horns with defending champion, also named Peter, who is known as a killing machine. In the decisive match between Peter versus, who will clinch the title? This forms the climax of the film.

This is probably the worst story ever written by Murugadoss, who is known for penning good films such as Ghajini and Thuppakki. He was probably under the assumption that audience will embrace whatever comes from his factory, but his theory fails miserably in this film. It could have been a highly entertaining commercial outing, but bringing in the sport angle to it hasn't done any good for the film. If few weeks ago an underrated film like Vallinam managed to inspire film buffs and sports enthusiasts with a story revolving around Basketball, 'Maan Karate' disrespects a sport like boxing.

Sivakarthikeyan is at his best as usual and manages to evoke laughter at regular intervals. But it's sad to see his potential going down the drain in characters where he has started to appear quite similar from film after film. But as an actor, he manages to deliver in whatever role he essays. Sathish manages to generate some laughter at regular intervals with his comical punch lines, while the rest of the cast falls flat.

Anirudh's songs didn't impress me much but his background score pumps energy into the narrative. Debutant director Thirukumaran tries to marry multiple genres such as fantasy, drama and romance, but what it eventually boils down to a commercial khichdi, defying several logical angles.

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