3.6 1,271 Ratings

Directed by : Balaji Mohan

Release Date : | Length : 131 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 2.4/5
  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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Maari is an action drama about a small time gangster with a love for pigeon racing who must challenge the police corruption in his town.


“Dhanush is a true entertainer in this thara local film.”

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Maari - "It's A Funny Girl, Maari"

Rated 3.5 / 5

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Dhanush in and as Maari is an entertainer all the way. It begins with the rowdy Maari and ends with him. He does not have dreams of overthrowing dons or leading his own Mafioso movement. But, you mess with the bull and it will kick you in the balls before castrating you with its horns.

This is, without a doubt, Balaji Mohan's most violent venture. But, it's not violence that will make the audience cringe or sympathize for the guy being beaten up, unless that guy is Maari himself. The slo-mo sequences are more than just a few, but the background score delivers enough energy to keep it from getting boring or repetitive.

Robo Shankar deserves an honorary mention here. He has transitioned perfectly from being the funny man on the small screen to the humorist on the big screen. Robo Shankar's identity lies in being the goofy right-hand man rather than a walking-talking comic relief. He does not try to sound funny, he just is. Robo Shankar finally attains supporting role status with Maari, as opposed to appearing in sketches or comedy tracks.

Kajal Aggarwal doesn't have much to do, but gets a deserving chunk of screen time sans running around trees and dancing in nightclothes. And, of course, she will go down in Kollywood history for playing one of the only female leads to be friendzoned by the hero.

Vijay Yesudas is not the lean kid with a nice voice anymore. He stars as the bad cop who is always trying to one-up the hero. While he's not as bad as some of the newbies these days, it looks like he got too inspired by Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone - his jaw seems perennially set and he ends up talking through his lips.

Maari is quick, funny, and sound. The soundtrack is loud, agreed. But wait until it plays in the background while the story unravels. Then, it becomes an earworm you can't outgrow. So, call your friends and make plans to spend the hottest part of the day watching this flick. And, when you buy popcorn, remember: sharing is caring.

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