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3.1 37 Ratings

Directed by : Kicha

Release Date : | Length : 15 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.5/5
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Maasi is the story of tough cop and his fight against bad guys. The honest cop wants his city to be peaceful but two gangs are constantly at war with each other so as to decide who will rule the city. The cop enters the scene and interferes far too much and becomes a pain for both the gangs. Now these two groups are after his...more

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Rated 1.5 / 5

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Action King Arjun's latest flick, Maasi released after lying in the cans for a while.

Director Kicha was right on the money from the beginning till the end, giving Arjun ample scope in what he is good at and this is the nth time that Arjun is donning such a role.

The movie takes a tour into the life of an upright encounter cop and the challenges that come his way. The movie shared so many resemblances to Arjun's previous flicks and only managed to take a free fall right from the word go.

There were two heroines - one dies in the beginning almost immediately after a song and the other shows up whenever there is a need for some lousy romantic numbers.Kalairani was there to fill in the vacuum left for the 'mother sentiment'.Added to these, there were countless villains who were naive enough to fall to the bullets of the cops in almost every frame.

Overall it was a tedious experience and I felt a sigh of relief as soon as the end credits started rolling.

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