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Directed by : Venkat Prabhu

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Five strangers plan for a heist. Arjun, who plays a cop, gets a whiff of their plans and the chase begins.Who are these stangers, where does the money come from,whose it is, who gets it in the end and who wins the game ultimately forms the crux of Mankatha.


“A tedious first half is a definite letdown in this 50th film of Ajith, but its huge star cast, stimulating background score and right technical treatment make it a decent entertainer.”

Mankatha Audience Review

Mankatha (A Game of Gambling) - Stakes are High

Rated 3.0 / 5

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The stakes were really high when the movie was announced. The same got echoed when an ensemble cast was roped for this flick, which happens to be Ajith's 50th. Let's see how handsomely the audiences have got paid after its release.

Director Venkat Prabhu has managed to keep things simple. Right from the word go, it was Ajith's show, filled with punch dialogs and one liners which suits his image and which in turn augers well with his huge fan base. Astonished to see a humungous turn around for an Ajith film. Some huge roar and claps for 'thala's' gimmicks on screen epitomises the same. Even after dissolving his fan clubs, Ajith certainly commands an opening on par with some of the top stars in Kollywood.

Honestly, I am not a great fan of Ajith. Having said that I should also concede the fact that Ajith has given his best shot to exude shades of grey and succeeds to an extent. Sometimes the way in which the dialogs were delivered, especially the emotional overtones, makes him look like a caricature. All in all, a decent show.

The next man standing in the line of accolade is Premji. He has always shone well in all of his brother's (Venkat Prabhu) directorial ventures right from Chennai 28 days. He is a scream to watch and brings the house down with his dialog delivery and slapstick acts. He is one of the highlights of the movie.

"Action King" Arjun does what he is best at doing and just minds his business. Does justice to the character of a tough cop and serves as a perfect opponent to Ajith too. Well done!

Vaibhav, Jayaprakash and others are perfectly casted in their respective roles and suffice the cause.

Among the 4 females, Lakshmi Rai has a plum role in the latter half. The next significant role is for Trisha, who has very little to do and is completely forgotten in the latter half of the movie. Anjali and Andrea vanish in a wink and have very little screen space and have been thoroughly wasted.

The songs of Yuvan are hummable, though the BGM is cacophonic. I expected some magical tunes because of Venkat Prabhu and Yuvan's fusion, but cant help being let down on that front.

Technically the film is on par with any other modern day action extravaganza. Editing by the combo Praveen and Srikanth is slick and helps take the movie forward with its stylish cuts. Multi-frame scenes are aesthetically done and serves the purpose. Cinematography by Sakthisaravanan is laudable, though a bit shaky during the action scenes.

Venkat Prabhu has once again restarted his triumphant streak which got cut off in his last flick Goa. This time the packaging is perfect, the narration is fast paced and a perfect twist in the climax which will work big time with the masses and classes alike.

Having said all these, I cannot help reveal that its not a smooth ride all the way, it has its own share of bumps and pot holes in the screen play. Since there are too many characters involved, there is a sense of confusion which creeps in at times of who is working for who. People are being hunted down during the course of the climax like a bunch of street dogs which is unbelievable. Also, I cannot help getting reminded of some of the Hollywood comedy crime capers like the Ocean's series after tasting the flavor of this one.

Mankatha has definitely paid off handsomely for die hard Ajith fans. For others, it is rather not disappointing. A good feast for the long weekend.

PS: Do not the leave the theater once the credits start rolling, surely there will be a huge roar for one last time!

Verdict: Good Show