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Directed by : Pandiraj

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Marina is a film that focuses on the uneducated children at the Marina beach, who sell snacks and goodies to earn a living. The story showcases how these children are deprived from the luxuries or do we say the basic needs of life.

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Siva Karthikeyan


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These beach boys rock

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Pandiraj once again chooses to narrate a story about children after the successful Pasanga and does a great job of it. With Chennais Marina Beach as the backdrop, he weaves an interesting story around the beach kids which is entertaining as well as poignant. That Pasanga was not a fluke but the work of a genuine craftsman is obvious.

Marina Beach with its multiple hues and varied inhabitations wonderfully becomes a character and walks hand-in-hand with the beach boys, the heart and soul of the film. The story begins with the arrival of Ambikapathy, an orphan who comes to Chennai seeking a bright future. He befriends Kailasam, another orphan and they start selling water packets. They initially face resistance from the already established boy gang that sell snacks, toys, conch, etc. But eventually they all become pals and lead a happy life despite their poverty. The beach also shelters the long bearded old beggar, a good hearted postman, a horse jockey, a singer and his dancing daughter, etc, - who play important roles in the boys lives. There are also some interesting regular visitors to the beach - a desperate lover, his eternally hungry girl friend, his philosophizing friend and two cops on their boss personal duty in search of a boy - adding more colour to the canvas.

The movie completely belongs to the boys and each one has a poignant story behind their migration to Marina. Yet the story tries not to get too melodramatic and predominantly concentrates on the good times they have on the beach inspite of their hand-to-mouth existence. The film, at one level is funny and at another level is genuinely emotional which make the viewing enjoyable. There is a nice fairy tale feel to the boys simple pleasures. At the same time, Pandiraj also exhibits his noble intention by emphasizing the need to rehabilitate these kids by providing them education, which is heartening without being preachy.

In this overwhelming wave of the boys show, the beach love story of Sivakarthikeyan and Oviya, which is intended to be funny, gets completely drowned. If one goes to watch the movie thinking that the film is about them, they are in for a pleasant surprise. The usage of old songs in appropriate situations, though not a fresh idea, somehow seems fresh here. But the fart and the pee jokes become a little annoying after a while. The feel does get documentary like at times, which slightly brings down the pace.

Debutantes, cinematographer Vijay and music director Girish, lend able support without trying to overpower the basic content. The songs mostly move the story forward but some of them seem a little long at a few places. Vijay tries no tricks with his camera and captures the visuals in their true colours which only help the film. Editing is simple and sweet.

The lump in your throat takes a long time to melt which is a clear indication of the great viewing experience.

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