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Maruthu is an action-drama movie directed by M. Muthaiah and stars Vishal in the lead role

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Maruthu is a yet another well made rural revenge drama that may well be a runaway hit

Rated 3.0 / 5
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Yet another nonchalant and rawly entertaining rural drama from director Mutiah that seems more than just belonging to D.Imman this time from a different actor called Vishal. Yes. Maruthu has every other stereotype and cliche that any other dual flicks comprises these days.
But I wonder how does even this genre that is considered to be a 'safe-bet’ by the producers, pays off each time. Yes. It doesn't fail to do the needful this time around either.
In spite of echoing all our fears in the first 40 minutes thanks to some cringe-worthy characterization and performance from Vishal 's appatha character, movie surprisingly got better to a huge extent thanks to a pre interval build up and a bang on interval block.
The best part about the movie starts right away which fortunately never lets the audience feel any sort of boredom throughout the second half, which is where Mutiah has just managed to score, in my honest opinion.

In addition to the well executed at the same time run-of-the-mill storyline, it was so pleasing to see such eye-pleasing visuals. Slo-mo shots couldn't have been used to better perfection. And cinematography was at its glossiest best. Color tones were out righteously audacious. Managed to bring about that trademark rural entertainer feel well. Music by D.Imman though wasn't able to impress through songs, was able to make it up sumptuously with the BG score, with the theme song deserving special mention.

Performance wise, Maruthu was an out and out Vishal show. The famous loafer attitude that does absolutely nothing other than whacking the baddies, wooing the village belle and loafing around with an utterly honest outlook which seems to be always there inside of a rural protagonist of any Tamizh movie, was present in perfect proportions to say the least. Totally convincing and well-worked performance.
Antagonist Suresh though had a monotonous shade in the first half, compensated in the second half with a menacing attitude and expressions. Though the cat-and-mouse game between the hero and the villain wasn't clever, it wasn't relenting either.
Rest of the cast that includes Sri Divya, Soori, Appatha, Radha Ravi etc played their roles neatly. But I fricking wonder why the hell didnt any od the character above, looked cohesive with the flow of the movie in the first 40 minutes.
Sitting through the same was quite a task, to be honest. There were such a huge list of hero-appeasing punch dialogues throughout the movie but they helped the movie in second half but the same type of punchlines worked it's way against the movie in the first half. Almost the entire of the first half was so badly written and poorly executed. Enough said.

At the end of the day, Maruthu is a wholesome entertainer that might very well work with the B & C centers and still impress the A center audience too, given you're someone who likes this kind of raw and 'tharalocal' rural entertainers.

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