Masala Padam

Masala Padam

3.1 279 Ratings

Directed by : Laxman Kumar

Release Date : | Length : 120 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.7/5
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Masala Padam is an upcoming Indian Tamil film directed, filmed and co-produced by cinematographer Laxman Kumar along with Vijayaraghavendra. The film stars Shiva, Bobby Simha and Gaurav in the lead roles.


“Masala Padam has a novel theme that falls flat due to poor execution.”

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Bobby Simha

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This Masala Padam Is Tailor Made For The Critics And Audiences!

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Rated 3.5 / 5
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The hottest topic in social media today is the argument that takes place between film critics and online movie fans. Masala Padam is a unique film that focuses on this subject. What is more important? Box office collections OR Quality content?. Some argue that as long as a film makes money, the director and the film crew have done a good job where as others expect quality storylines. Tamil Cinema and Indian Cinema in general, have been long known for making cliched Mass action movies that follow the Ram defeats Raavan plot. These masala films consist of a larger than life mass introduction hero scene, romantic scenes, item dance numbers, foreign songs, emotional scenes, comedy, and a larger than life villain. Over the years, some of these directors have found the right mix between realistic elements and the commercial format. These directors, have been able to blend them together in a perfect manner. Thani Oruvan, Yennai Arindhaal, and Jigarthanda are examples of such films. Today, there is a strong demand for quality scripts from the new generation audiences. Yet, at the same time, they expect good entertainment. So the challenge lies in creating a film that appeals to all types of audiences.

Now you must be wondering, why I am giving a history lesson on Indian Cinema. Wait wait! Patience is a virtue my friend. Masala Padam starts of by mocking cliched commercial movies and contains some really interesting dialogues such as "When Hollywood makes a routine masala movie like Avatar, our audiences praise it and applaud it. But, when a mass actor like Vijay saves a girl from Madurai in Ghilli, we say it's boring?. Why the hypocritical attitude?". Interesting scenes such as this, will definitely keep the audiences hooked not just in this movie, but also future films. The director does a wonderful job of introducing several characters in the film such as a common man , an online movie critic and a film producer. The basic plot involves a Masala Film Producer challenging a bunch of critics to make a successful commercial movie. Whether they succeed or not makes up the rest of the story.

Now while the story is quite straight forward, the dialogues are quite witty and the screenplay is good. If there is one character that really stands above the rest, I would have to say it is Siva. The ace comedy star, recently said in an interview that he is not interested in making routine movies and wants to attempt different scripts. His efforts are clearly evident in Masala Padam. Siva once again excels with his hilarious comedy scenes and has a unique role as the "Common Man". Bobby Simhaa, the other high profile star does a decent job in the film as a local thug. I personally felt that his performance in Jigarthanda had much more scope. Nevertheless, he fits the bill for the script. Lakshmi Devyy, the female lead is also a surprise package in the film. Her character is given quite an interesting task that involves interacting with real people. The rest of the characters in the film have their own individual moments that spice up the screenplay. The beauty of this film is that the director successfully avoids many cliched scenes, but still ends up making a movie that you can term as an out and out masala film. How, you ask? Watch the movie to find out ;)

The film ends up showing a neutral perspective on masala films without taking any sides. While the first half ends up mocking masala films, the second half shows us why people love them. The dialogue in the climax is a powerful one which states : "People have sorrows in real life so when they watch movies they wish to forget reality and just want to have a good time. General audiences feel that the mass heroes are a depiction of the common man and see themselves within the heroes. Producers are letting audiences live their dreams through movies , which they couldn't fulfill in reality. As long as they believe they are living their dreams through films, Masala movies will be profitable." The director has also been successful in showing the current trends through characters such as movie critics. It is a strong fact that, social media plays a strong role in making a film successful. Film critics on social media are now perhaps the biggest enemies of Masala film producers. Many people who use social media will definitely be able to connect with the film as it targets them. The film also examines some real life scenarios in Facebook and Twitter and shows how they have become a powerful mediums for communicating messages to the masses. Even the critics who watch this movie will come out having a better understanding of why masala movies work and will perhaps see them in a different light.

Overall, Masala Padam ends up being an offbeat masala entertainer that appeals to all types of audiences. Director Laxman Kumar should be appreciated for delivering a film that stays true to its title and yet, avoids routine elements.

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