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Masala Padam

Masala Padam

3.0 327 Ratings

Directed by : Laxman Kumar

Release Date : | Length : 120 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.7/5
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Masala Padam is an upcoming Indian Tamil film directed, filmed and co-produced by cinematographer Laxman Kumar along with Vijayaraghavendra. The film stars Shiva, Bobby Simha and Gaurav in the lead roles.


“Masala Padam has a novel theme that falls flat due to poor execution.”

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Bobby Simha

Masala Padam Audience Review

Masala Padam - another 'interesting idea' but 'falls short in execution' film

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Every film critic you come across would probably say that Tamil films are not up 'international standards' and curse all the mass masala films. Masala Padam's director Laxman Kumar actually tells that masala films must be catered for Tamil audiences and the so called 'world class films' with reality won't work here.

But, the point I would tell like to convey to the director is "Apparently, you have made a film without any masala elements but sadly nothing worked out in the movie. Yes, you really got some interesting ideas and the screenplay is different from regular films but what you completely missed is the screen transition. To be precise, I couldn't feel any magic".

The film starts with a debate that critic writers are the main reason for failures of many Tamil films. Just like Shankar's Mudhalvan, here one producer throws a challenge whether these young critics could make a successful film. Like Arjun, bunch of boys and a girl (critics) accept the challenge and following up three different guys (Mirchi Siva - a middle class youngster; Bobby Simha- gangster; born with a silver spoon, Gaurav) and they also hire a girl, to befriend them and start working on a story based on the real life of these three guys.

The rest of the movie tells us whether these critics actually pulled it off or not. Despite interesting story and screenplay, the problem with Masala Padam is the performance of its actors. Though Siva provides some comic moments, all others actors have spoiled the film with their amateurish performances.

The dialogues are completely uninspiring and tacky that one couldn't relate with the film. Yes, the director has put in a lot of effort to connect all the three stories but what's the use when you are unable to extract the best from your actors and technical team.

So, I have to type this cliched line once again. Masala Padam is yet another routine 'good idea' but 'falls short with execution' kind of a film.

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