Massu Engira Massilamani (Rakshasudu)

Massu Engira Massilamani (Rakshasudu)

3.5 1,641 Ratings

Directed by : Venkat Prabhu

Release Date : | Length : 152 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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Directed by Venkat Prabhu, stars Suriya, Nayanthara and Pranita in the leads.


“All over the place but interesting in parts. ”

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Massu Engira Massilamani movie review

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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There were two obvious reasons to watch Masss. One, for Venkat Prabhu, because I still believe that he was the one who gave us Chennai 600028. Second, for Suriya, because he is a talented artiste and I wanted him to make a decent comeback after a disaster called Anjaan. With Masss, Suriya scores a six but VP only manages to score a four, that too because the fielders (read as audience) stopped giving the ball a chase. Because after a point in time, screenplay becomes predictable and all I wanted is the movie to end so that I can watch the end credits and bloopers which would be more entertaining than the movie itself.

VP was the one who broke quite a few cliches and created a new trend in filmmaking with Chennai 28 but his films started to lose quality after that. But it seems he is stuck in some rut, with repeated casting choices and references to all heroes and films in Kollywood. There is this deja vu feeling in majority of the scenes. VP makes no attempt to reinvent himself but sticks to routine commercial formula.

But I liked the basic plot very much. Its about a man called Massilamani aka Masss aka Massu who can see ghosts and communicates with them. How awesome is that? Brilliant I say. But there is this ghost who looks like Suriya and this ghost wants to take revenge on some baddies. And this ghost Suriya is the father of Masss Suriya. What a twist? That gubeer siripu moment. So basically Masss is yet again a routine ghost-taking-revenge drama, which had a great plot but screenplay lost its way. It could have been an amazing con heist movie with the help of ghosts but Masss is nowhere close to it.

Suriya makes no mistake. He is an amazing performer as always and does a terrific job. He showed good variation between the two characters and carried this cool conman style and ruggedness. Dialogue delivery, mannerisms, expressions were too good. Nayanthara and Pranita did not create an impact to the story. Premgi's jokes were outdated, except a very few one liners that go unnoticed in the jarring music. Parthipen as a bad cop was awesome but his character was underused. What an energy he brings to the screen. Other characters like karunas, Motta Rajendran etc were just fine.

Editing was abrupt and jumpy. The cuts were harsh and the scene transitions were random. The first half is just a collection of random scenes and only during pre interval, the film picks up. 2nd half packs a few emotional scenes and the revenge drama with some gory killing scenes which made me wonder how the film got an U certificate. The cinematography was cool as in all VP films and music by Yuvan was the only highlight after Suriya's performance. The songs and bgm were groovy in a typical VP-YUVAN style.

VP is an intelligent director, who is street smart and Masss had a basic plot to become an all time blockbuster. It could still become a 100 crore raking film but the satisfaction and emotional connect is missing. A slow first half, horrific interval, a routine revenge based 2nd half, few out of sync songs, two heroines who make no sense, a terrific Suriya, few ghosts, decent music and cinematography is what Masss in a nutshell. But VP disappoints big time, yet again.