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Mathikettan Salai

Mathikettan Salai

2.4 25 Ratings

Directed by : G. Patturajan

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  • MJ Rating 0.5/5
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Mathikettan Salai - A Road to Misery!

Rated 0.5 / 5

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This is a typical example of a debut director trying to make his first impression, but flunking in every department of the movie. He only manages to put the audiences in no man's land with a half baked potboiler like Madhikettan Salai.

A bunch of spoilt brats trying to entertain the audiences in the first half (courtesy: so many Selvaraghavan movies) with some cliched and lame dialogs and weak characterization proves to be an initial set back for the movie.

Halfway through the course, the director's vision wobbles big time with respect to the story and screenplay and suffers further injuries only to succumb to death before the climax.

The screenplay is tedious and one can often see people walking out of the hall for a fag every now and then even when the songs are not played.

It is sad to note that debut directors land up with such weak scripts thinking that there is a market for it. Every scene, dialog and song in the movie are targeted for the masses who have thoroughly scrapped it away.

Songs merely add to the woes and act as showstoppers every now and then.

Understandably the production values are low and tacky and so there is nothing worthy enough to mention about any of the technical aspects like the cinematography and editing.

The protagonist played by Aadharsh, with shades of grey, tried hard to pitch in with his acting skills, but sadly fails with his dialog delivery and carries a lifeless emotion through the course of the movie.

Sarah, yet another child artist being promoted as a heroine. I can only see the child in her. She has to mature to even get such light roles which has limited scope.

All in all, its a Road to Misery and even stay away from the platform shops which sell pirated DVD copies of this movie.

Verdict: Avoidable

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