Miruthan (Yamapasham)

Miruthan (Yamapasham)

3.1 1,034 Ratings

Directed by : Shakti Soundar Rajan

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  • Critics Rating 2.3/5
  • MJ Rating 2.9/5
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Miruthan is a Tamil zombie apocalypse film starring Jayam Ravi in the lead role.


“Miruthan is a fair attempt for the first zombie thriller in Tamil Cinema”

Miruthan (Yamapasham) Credit & Casting

Jayam Ravi

Miruthan (Yamapasham) Audience Review

Miruthan is a marketable movie? Certainly yes. Bankable one? Well... Not exactly!

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You've got your own first of it's kind zombie movie in Tamil which is more like walking over a tight rope which may topple you down on either sides. Director Shakti has just managed to clear the ropes I'd say. It is very different to the traditional zombie movie cadre. You've got ample doses of humor, sentiments & an important and well conceived love track too. The movie begins with a short intro into the protagonist's life and his surroundings in a rather conventional way. And this was only until the movie broke into a brilliant, break-neck sequence that establishes the pace for most of of the rest of the movie. The violent, visceral and shocking gore without an compromise whatsoever worked the right way, if you ask me. The tension is racked up in a composed manner and the intermission block is sheer awesomeness I'd say. You get that exact devastation you'll get when zombies come one after the other hungry for blood. The 'set pieces' used to build up such a dry plot demands high maturity from the director and he's got that to be honest.

But the movie starts losing the fuzz only when we venture into the second half of the movie. Dry not just in content. But also the lack of creativity and lack of ideas starts getting exposed at a point of time. Especially the last 20 minutes or something hitting an all time low. The director seemed to have forgotten that he's directing a zombie movie and not a super hero movie/super savior movie. The over-the-top content didn't do any good at all.

The movie was rich on technicalities. Cinematography captured the blood and gore as much as it can with a lot of creaive angles but still, the usage of helipad shots that frequently, bewilders me. Editing was at it's crispiest best but I felt like almost ever single transition was over dependent on that aerial shot. Intended grandioseness maybe! Music was high on intensity but the famous "Mirutha" song suffered worst placement ever.

The problem with "Miruthan" actually lies not in the script/execution but in the screenplay. The director expects out of us, aberrant emotions in rather random manner. Sympathy, sentiments, comedy pop up out of no where. Especially the characters like politician & Sriman that were added on for this purpose only, rather pulled the film down by miles. The unconventional and abrupt ending was more at it's lamest best. Deserved a more honest conclusion.

Audience response and Box office response both might just overtly depend on the individual tastes of the audience. People who're open to blood & gore and those who don't look into the meagre flaws with macroscopic lens can readily enjoy this first-of-its-kind movie.

But nonetheless, Shakti deserves a pat on his back for bringing the zombie concept to the grassroot level and executing in a rather conventional way, instead of sticking to any particular complex execution.

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